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  1. Matso


    CUDA Interactive Ray Tracing API Shocase
  2. A humble outcome of my work in the world of graphics programming    Cheers, MK
  3. And what with the frame and depth data (from current framebuffer)? How to retrieve them?
  4. Hi, How can I get, say, projection matrix, from the current D3D9 context? By current I mean from a certain game, to which I am hooked through a DLL. Such thing is done i.e. in ENB Series, as far as I know. Regards, MK
  5. Hi, Is there a function in OpenGL or a 'formula' to copy pixels from one texture3D layer to another? One thing that comes to my mind to use a fragment shader with source layer bound to texture unit and destination layer attached to bound framebuffer. But is that possible? Of course I could do it with normal texture2Ds (as mentioned input and output of the shader) but then I would need to copy the result back to the texture3D, I think. Is that right? Any ideas? Regards, MK
  6. Matso

    Anamorphic lens flare

    I made it by doing bright pass first and then blurring the outcome along the horizontal axis (x coordinate). Effect below (done with Oblivion Graphics Extender).
  7. Hi, Simple question - how to make a anamorphic lens flare? Any HLSL/GLSL tutorial or theory? Regards, MK
  8. Hi,Simple question - how to make a anamorphic lens flare? Any HLSL/GLSL tutorial or theory? Regards, MK
  9. Matso


    Roeskva - my graphics engine!
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