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  1. Par?miau! :) Bus ?domu pakeliauti palei pasi?lytus maršrutus :)
  2. JuliusDegutis

    3D object movement with mouse

      And if I want move Up or Down, I just change Plane position? Looks nice, now just need to get Plane
  3. Hello,    I started to make 3D game. I have free camera (can move anywhere, look everywhere, but not roll), and I have objects. I want to move objects with mouse. Objects Y coordinates I changing with mouse wheel. So what I just need, that mouse X and Y screen position (or delta position) move object on X and Z axis.  If my camera would be locked, then objectPosition+=mouseDelta would work something like what I want, but problem is what I don't have locked camera. But I have angle on Y axis rotation, so maybe that could help?   I'm using XNA, if that means anything
  4. Hello, for my studies/work I need to create 3D simulator, which gets data from Oracle database and shows it in 3D. There is a chance that the simulator will be commercial. So in other words: I need to do research with small demo to show possibility for doing this kind of project.    First thought was Unity3D, but spent some hours to try and I didn't founded any possible way to connect. Or am I wrong?  Or maybe anybody could suggest good 3D engine with which would be possible to connect to Oracle? I prefer C# language, if it's is possible.   
  5. JuliusDegutis

    Start game networking.How ?

    Don't start with network, u will be doomed to not finish anything. First try make simple games. Tried to make some 2d games? Maybe try to do game for 2 players on one PC?  All languages is good, because you just need to make game, not marry one of language and live with it. Try all, and look what is best to you ;) I tried networing with C++, and that was hard. Now made simple 2d movement over network with C# + xna + Lidgren. And for end: game programming is hard. Don't try to make best mmorpg with alot fun stuff and so on. Make simple games, which you can finish easy. By taking big project, you doomed to fail. I know, i have gone this path... ;)
  6. Hello, everyone. And I'm again here. Maybe needed come earlier... But... :)   In my mind for some time is mind about multiplayer model. How all logics compiles? How distribute your info to other players?  I want something like "Little Fighter 2" multiplayer. As I good remember, there you start game and other players just type server (yours IP) and connects. What goes after that? Other players running, and how they send to all other? Via server or directly?   For now I was possible to make game for 2 players (server and client), but there was only movement. No more actions. Then went to make better engine code, and forget about network support, so now need re-make it. And closest model, what I want is from LF2. So maybe somebody could say how it works? :)   And there is list of small questions: 1. How identify clients? On connection every player send their IP (and/or mac)? But testing on same PC would be very hard... 2. On new player connection, he must get all current game info. So server on getting new client, send all other clients info to him? 3. How make server to be client? Now I made that on starting game, he tries to connect to my ip. If can't, then he becomes server. But maybe other approach could be used? Starting server, it goes as some sort of service, which will be in other thread?  4. How send info between players? As I understand, best would be via server. Player sends to server, and server resend to other player. 5. How handle new object creation or old destruction? client3 shoot bullet, that killed monster. How to do it?? 6. I have founded somewhere that clients could just send just what buttons they pressed. So every client goes very light (only input and displaying), but server must do with all calculations, so he will be pretty heavy. It's good approach to making multiplayer game? I thinking about 4 players support... 7. All NPC/mobs logic must be on one pc? Server? Or all clients have their owns, and just on killing sends info to other players about that? But this question is something like 5 and 6 together :)
  7. Hello!   I'm trying to implement this systems, because inheritance has bored... I have done this in C# by finding code and changing for my needs. But on C++ I can't find any good example what I want.   I created basic Component class. Made some new class from it (SpriteComponent and MovementComponent). Now in Entity I want create list of components. But just don't know how to find it.   What I looking for is 3 methods and data structure for holding components . AddComponent(Component * component); would use it like player.AddComponent(new SpriteComponent(20,30)); GetComponent(...); would use it like player.GetComponent<SpriteComponent>(); RemoveComponent(...); would use it like  player.RemoveComponent<SpriteComponent>();   Could anybody say how to implement this thing?  
  8. JuliusDegutis

    DirectX 9 alternative way to draw image

    If setting renderstate, then nothing is rendered to screen, so as you recommended, I won't change it.   Whole idea is that I could increase only one object width/height, while others will be as was. This is for my map builder, that could put objects and change their size and position, then save to xml. Yep, I could leave it now as it's, because for editing will be ok, but thinking about future :)   This one implemented, but it changes all images on screen, without changing real width/height. So... Thanks, now I have zooming/rotation functions :D
  9. JuliusDegutis

    DirectX 9 alternative way to draw image

    Huh, I really thinked that added image :/ Ok, ading by dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/pn6920yar2o4kat/2013-09-25%2018_35_06-APPTITLE.png As you see, it stretch only one side, not whole structure
  10. Hello, maybe anybody could help with drawing images on screen?   Now using D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx: loading LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE9 by file name, width and height. And later using texture with LPD3DXSPRITE.Draw(texture,rect,center,position,color). But if I change rect size, texture don't scale, just stretching in wrong way (https://www.dropbox.com/s/pn6920yar2o4kat/2013-09-25%2018_35_06-APPTITLE.png: normal image, increased width, increased height).   Am I doing something wrong? Maybe my way don't let change width/height after image is loaded? Maybe where is another way to draw images?     There is loading texture loading code: D3DXIMAGE_INFO d3dxImageInfo; if(FAILED(D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx( g_dxManager.GetDevice(), fileName.c_str(), width, height, 1, D3DPOOL_DEFAULT, D3DFMT_UNKNOWN, D3DPOOL_DEFAULT, D3DX_DEFAULT, D3DX_DEFAULT, D3DCOLOR_COLORVALUE(1.0f,0.0f,1.0f,1.0f), //ignores 255;0;255 - dark pink &d3dxImageInfo, NULL, &_texture))) { ErrorHandler::ShowError("Loading texture failed"); } and drawing code: _sprite->Draw( sprite->Texture()->Texture(),//LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE9 is loaded from method above &rect, &vCenter, &vPosition, D3DCOLOR_COLORVALUE( sprite->Texture()->TextureColor()._r, sprite->Texture()->TextureColor()._g, sprite->Texture()->TextureColor()._b, sprite->Texture()->TextureColor()._a));
  11.   Why You want invent wheel again? If it's done - use it. Big companies spend a lot money to develop (hardware, ppl's too) for them self. But some of these engines are free or open source. So why bother to make your own engine? Yup, You will do it. Why? Game can't be without engine. You won't write whole render basics to every object different. You will make objects same (in parameters) that they could be used with same methods/functions, so if you this one method, you fix everything. That is engine! So please tell me, why you want create your own engine? Don't do mistake. Good game even with engine could take years, and without existing engine... even longer... ;) I would agree if you would be good game developer, which used alot engines and don't liked any of thems. So - create your own. Or find team and create. But now... For newbie... Just don't think that you could make job, which could be done only by big team ;)
  12. I'm not the best game developer, but even I know that make game without game engine will be to hard. Why? Game engine have made every hard lifting (graphics, camera, input and so on). You just need write your game. If you would want do game without game engine, you would need make graphics controller (how to render objects, put textures, shaders, alot of matrix calculations (yup, you would need really good math knowledges)), which is really hard to make (I developing small games for 2 years and just using 2D, because 3D is to hard for me now...). And all game engines made alot bugs, and fixed thems. You would do same bugs as them. So why to do that? Just take engine and make game. Sit and write what you really want to do: what game would be about, what features would have and so on. Then look what engine will be good for you ;) but I think most of engine will be ok. I would go for unity, because it's partly free (most of features are free). So if you would fail in making game, you won't loose any money (if you won't buy) ;)
  13. JuliusDegutis

    release code

    Why I can't just go with debug result? I get .exe file and program works...
  14. JuliusDegutis

    TextBox implementation

    Hello, for some time making my game engine. Just as hobby to understand how games works   Now trying to make TextBox implementation, but really can't think any good implementation. While using XNA, I made property  "WriteWord":  public string WriteWord { get { string letter = string.Empty; Keys key = Key; if (key >= Keys.A && key <= Keys.Z && _writeWord.Length < 9) letter = key.ToString(); else if (key == Keys.Back && _writeWord.Length != 0) _writeWord = _writeWord.Remove(_writeWord.Length - 1); _writeWord += letter; return _writeWord; } } public Keys Key { get { return _pState.GetPressedKeys() .FirstOrDefault(key => _pState.IsKeyDown(key) && Keyboard.GetState().IsKeyUp(key)); } } and simple WriteWord value was set to TextBox value, and simply gets visual effect of typing and deleting. Maybe hard to understand how it works, and maybe not whole code where is, but it worked for my, having only one textBox (don't tested on more). But this implementation is not best... I think it's most worse as there can be   Now I using directInput and on keyDown I get codes like DIK_RIGHTARROW, DIK_1, DIK_S and so on... And for graphics - DirectX 9.   So, maybe somebody show how better implement TextBox?
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