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  1. Blossom [iOS game]

    BLOSSOM is an abstract, yet therapeutic game of Oriental mystery, with unconventional rules. Start off by swiping across the screen to control the breeze... The rest is up to the adventurous to discover! We have listened to all requests, and worked hard to bring an updated version, including many new features: * New Night mode levels! * A set of totally new Leaf graphics * 6 new exclusive soundtracks * New sound effects * Wind gusts are now visible to the human eye! * Even more challenging Season & Year levels * Karma points indicator in the form of flying Birds * Tutorial mode, making the game less Mysterious to the less adventurous ones Get it for free from [url=""][/url] [img][/img]
  2. Cartoon artist

    You might also test the possibility to team up with a game programmer, and do a small mobile game project together. Putting something out there, and use it as a portfolio piece, is a good way of starting up.