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  1. Hi, thanks for the explanation, but, i've tryed to test your code, but i found some problems.. in [source lang=csharp] Vector3[] exAxes = new exAxes[3]; [/source] On line: [source lang=csharp] [font="Consolas,"] positions[vertices[0]];[/font] [font="Consolas,"][/source][/font] i got the problem: [color="#222222"][font="arial, sans-serif"]Only assignment, call, increment, decrement, and new object expressions can be used as a statement[/font] Is your code working fine with you?
  2. Hi guys, i'm trying to create cubes using XNA primitives, but i don't understand how to use triangle to make then. Help? I made the first face, but i don't know how i can do the rest. [color="#666666"][font="Arial"] [source lang="cs"][/font][color="#666666"][font="Arial"] [color="blue"]this.triangleStrip = [color="blue"]new [color="#2B91AF"]VertexPositionColor[4]; triangleStrip[0].Position = [color="blue"]new [color="#2B91AF"]Vector[color="#2B91AF"]3(450, 400, 0); triangleStrip[1].Position = [color="blue"]new [color="#2B91AF"]Vector[color="#2B91AF"]3(550, 400, 0); triangleStrip[2].Position = [color="blue"]new [color="#2B91AF"]Vector[color="#2B91AF"]3(450, 500, 0); triangleStrip[3].Position = [color="blue"]new [color="#2B91AF"]Vector[color="#2B91AF"]3(550, 500, 0); [/font] [color="#666666"][font="Arial"][/source][/font]
  3. Yes, i didn't found anything about, but it's a good idea, i'll do it. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone knows, how i can open a file selector using xna? I want to save my game selecting the file name or just ovewrite an old save game, is it possible? Something like this, where i can select my old save or create another one. (this image is just an exemple).
  5. Thanks SimonForsmam, my problem was my netbook, on my computer everythings works fine. Thanks for the attention.
  6. I'm using the WindowsGSM, that is an exemple for windows management, i have on array of states of mouse, but, my problem is, when i'm using the keyboard, i can't use the mouse, but when i'm not using the keyboard, everything works fine. I've tryed to put my code here, but it was strange, too many lines. Can i put an annex here?
  7. Someone can help me, i'm trying to make a game using mouse and keyboard, but i can't use mouse and keyboard at the same time in my netbook, any answer. Sorry about my english, long time i without use..
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