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  1. Frankly, most games I've encountered so far didn't have that kind of mechanic. Swimming was an extension of walking, but with water involved. It was the rare GTA-themed game or Fable that had the sort of acceleration/deceleration you mention.

    Unless it is a key point of your game (eg. the whole world is underwater and you will be swimming a lot, have currents etc), don't pay much attention to it. Supply more background to your question for a more accurate answer/speculation :)

    That's fair. The game does take place primarily underwater, you come up to take breaths every take a breath every couple minutes or so, but then you are right back in the midst of the sea.

  2. Anyone that can spare some of there thoughts swimming would be very much appreciated.

    At the moment, I'm thinking that I need some kind of acceleration when I'm going from idle to moving. Should I also put some deceleration as I am coming to a stop? Or would you feel better being able to stop on the spot?

  3. That's excellent. Exactly what I was curious about. Thanks Sun!

    One more quick question though, I am familiar with transparency in my software of choice but when you mention transparent layers, are you talking about pngs?

  4. So I have a 2d character. I'd like him to be able to attack while he is running and block (Holdup a shield) while he is running. How do I accomplish this? Do I make the legs and body a separate animation? Any thoughts?

  5. [color="#111111"][font="Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"]Hi all, [/font]
    [color="#111111"][font="Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"] [/font]
    [color="#111111"][font="Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"]Like a lot of people here I'm sure, I dabble in video game development as a hobby. And if you are anything like me, you juggle work, school, relationship and hobby standing on one leg while being pulled in all sorts of different directions.[/font]
    [color="#111111"][font="Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"] [/font]
    [color="#111111"][font="Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"]So, how do you do it? Is it possible to be successful in this arena while only being a hobbyist? Or do youhave to be more hardcore to actually produce something and get it in the hands of players?[/font]

  6. [quote name='kj47' timestamp='1315403930' post='4858632']
    What about achievements? How do you guys feel about those? Do you go back and play games to receive titles in-game?

    That's one of the things I told you. I absolutely do it, specially if they have relevance outside the game like the xbox achievements or the ps trophies. But in-game achievements are also interesting.

    Woops! I some how missed your post. Sorry about that.

  7. I think you might want to narrow the topic to a specific genre (becasue it is hugely depending on the genre, an average RTS will beat an awesome RPG when it comes to replayability, that's the nature of that genre).

    That's a fair suggestion. Perhaps, my focus question would be aimed at RPGs. It is my hope that in the next few years I'll publishing a simple solo-RPG with a linear story that captures a similar sense of wonder that games like Ocarina of time had.

  8. I believe many have replayed oblivion aswell, which is another open world rpg game. Two other examples are Zelda ocirina of time and Star wars knights of the old republic.
    A more linear game I've replayed quite a few times is Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

    I'm glad you brought up Ocarina of Time. It is a game that I have repeated multiple times. And I think you are on to something with it being open world.

    Most of the replies thus far have had a common thread for replayability that being "multiple ways to win." And I get that and I think it is becoming increasingly popular with games now a days and is a very valid answer. However, this becomes less feasible when you are a one-man band (coding, doing the art, ect.). So what I wonder is what made games like Zelda ocarina of time so worthy of being beaten played through twice. This goes for other older games as well.

    How many of us have gone back years later and replayed Super Mario World?

    Is it the story? or is the game play?

  9. Hey All,

    I was curious, could anyone tell me or give me a direction about how Tales of Symphonia did their environment art. I'm fairly certain they used cel-shading for their characters. But what about the buildings and structures? How'd they get that type of a look?



  10. I kind of enjoyed how Dragon Age did this with their world map. Like when you went to the main town, (in your case your forest area) this opens up another map of locations inside of the "forest". They also had random battles along the way as you saw the path being drawn toward the destination a double cross swords icon would appear and a scene would take place.
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