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    Games to get ideas from?

    Thank you all for great feedback. Despite vague description of my needs(sorry about that), you managed to suggest me very good titles! Now I just need to obtain the older titles somehow.   "What you asking for is vague .Basicaly you want to know RTS or tund-based strategy game in space. That's it?" Both. The game will be neither, but I'm looking for interesting gameplay elements from both.
  2. I'm currently designing a game that will be running in browser(regular text based mostly) but I'm falling short on great ideas. Currently, the player is the manager of different game units, such as spaceships, stations, buildings. The game revolves around building and spreading out throughout the galaxy, mostly "base-building" and war.   Since people here know a lot about games, though it's the best place to ask for games that have similar mechanics to get some great ideas.
  3. Hello members of Gamedev, haven't been on these forums for a while now but now since it's summer and there is more time, I would like to pick up again on my hobby. For the last few days, I've gone over different database types, like MySQL, MongoDB but I feel like I've only scratched the surface.   Can anyone suggest a nice book on the subject? I would like to learn about different database types, where they shine and what are their problems, so mostly theory and doesn't have to go too deep into teaching on how exactly to use them.   Books that look interesting: Seven Databases in Seven Weeks: A Guide to Modern Databases and the NoSQL Movement   NoSQL Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Emerging World of Polyglot Persistence
  4. HNikolas

    Game Engine for Windows Phone 7

    Thanks, going to check it out. Anyone knows to suggest anything else?
  5. Bought a Lumia 800 few days ago and would like to create few simple games for it. I know XNA but would like something that lets me complete projects more rapidly, thats why I would like to find a full-blown engine, perhaps even something like Unity. After quick google I found the following: Sunburn 150$ QuickstartEngine FREE but not sure if works with WP7, presumed it ebcause XNA 4 support. FlatRedBall Helium Torque3D FarseerPhysics Not entirely what I'm after but still worth mentioning. Nine Looks like one of the best free ones on the list. Any thoughts? Jemgine If someone has any experience with the list I posted, would be awesome to hear what you think and if you could suggest me something else, would also be very appreciated! Offtopic question: Anyone has any information about Unity being able to run on WP7?
  6. HNikolas

    Unity Pro licence from cheaper sources

    Thanks for the fast reply. I guess theres not much else to do then wait for their discount.
  7. I am not sure if this is the right subforum for this topic. If this is wrong subforum, then pardon and plese someone with the powers, move it to the right one. I would also like to mention that this topic is not here to buy Unity Pro licence from someone, it is currently purely theoretical. I am really falling in love with Unity3D and would like to expand to the full licence just to unlock all of the power it can deliver. Looking at the shop, regular Unity Pro licence is $1500, so it costs more then I would ideally want to pay out(I understand its small money for game developing companies, but I am just indie guy who recently got back into game programming and Blender). I am wondering, from the licence and law perspective, is it allowed and possible to buy the Unity Pro licence second-hand from someone wanting to sell it and if yes, what precautions should be made?
  8. From what I've heard, Maya is used usually for animation(movies, commercials) and MAX is used for modeling in general. 3DS MAX is probably the most popular of them all.
  9. HNikolas

    Easy 3D modeling program to get me started

    Ive been learning Blender for the time now. I found an excellent YouTube tutorial page that has really gave me a good understanding of the basics. Here is the link to the tutorials if someone is interested: (don't forget to start at tutorial 1)
  10. HNikolas

    Easy 3D modeling program to get me started

    Found these pages: http://www.hongkiat....hould-not-miss/ Will start to test them out.
  11. I am looking for an easy program that enables me to do models for my 3D game. I am willing to pay up to 500€ for the software but would of course prefer not to. Priorities: - Has to be easy to learn and use. Thats the most important! - Under 500€ preferably - Able to add animations is a big pluss. - Any additional whistles that do not overly complicate it. I have tested Blender and it looks very sweet, but it has so many buttons and would take a while to learn, so I would like something simpler(if that does not sound reasonable, then please tell).
  12. HNikolas

    Indie Game: The Movie

    Not sure if this has gone through here, if so then pardon. "A documentary that follows the journeys of indie game developers as they create games and release those works, and themselves, to the world." Digital download + extras for 10$, more info can be found here: Overally, I enjoyed the piece a lot. It had kind of sad touch attatched to the whole movie in my opinion, someone could say its just realism. Definitely worth the 10$!
  13. HNikolas

    Best game engine for beginners?

    I'd probably go with Unity3D. Its free and it is complete.
  14. HNikolas

    Howdy! and C# questions

    I would actually start with C# too. It is a simple language if you don't dig too deep and it has lots of free tutorials and help sites around. C# also has XNA which is another well-documented and easily learnable game framework written with C# in mind. I wont go into any more detail and confuse you with abbreviations any more, all I really want to say is that learn C#.
  15. Can you provide some code that you have and also what exactly are your questions?
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