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  1. cooperm211

    Anti-Bullying Unity Game

    Hey Game Dev Community!   Hippocamp Studios is creating a free anti-bullying video game.  Check out the project at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1223921323/bag-the-bully-a-free-anti-bullying-video-game   Essentially, the game is sort-of like "Guess Who," where the player is given annonymous clues throughout the school day from students who were bullied.  The player uses the clues (which might include information about the bully's class schedule or physical characteristics) to deduce whom the bully is.  It's a simple idea that's made more interesting as the rounds provide more difficult clues or larger numbers of students.   Hope to hear from you here or on our Kickstarter page!   Regards, Matt Cooper
  2. cooperm211

    Game Developer Conventions

    Thanks a bunch for the responses! That was quite helpful. I dunno who made that game dev map but I was seriously considering constructing precisely that sort of chart so thanks for the time saver. I'm gonna try hitting up some NYC IGDA meetings if I can. Yea everything I'm finding keeps pointing me to the West Cost--which would be fine with me if I had the money to burn to go over there. I suppose that's how it is for just about everyone though lol. Thanks a lot guys!
  3. cooperm211

    Game Developer Conventions

    Thanks for the response! Yea I'm checking out IGDA now- It may just be my own perception of the crowd, but I feel like at PAX, the vast majority of the people there are just fans of various games. How do I sort out the game makers and make contacts?
  4. cooperm211

    Game Developer Conventions

    Just curious if anyone has advice on how to find Game Developer Conventions or any other way to find multiple development teams in one place. I ran a bunch of Google searches but only a few keep popping up and they're all west cost. I'm on Long Island in New York so anything over here would be accessible. Just curious if there's a way to reach a number of programmers and developers and share my information and portfolio. I'm a composer and audio engineer and it seems pretty difficult to get a hold of anyone actually working in the gaming industry. I just feel like sending out emails to a million developers doesn't really get the personal edge necessary for people to remember me and listen to my stuff. My compositions on YouTube: My film soundtrack on my personal website: http://mattcooper.info/guymanly.html
  5. cooperm211

    New Video Game Composer

    Hey all! I'm still pretty new to composing music for video games and I'm looking for some listeners and some feedback on a few things I've already written. None of the pieces are for actual games or anything; just ideas that I had to guide the writing process. [url="http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFF9B731220D25A27"]http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFF9B731220D25A27 [/url]
  6. Matt Cooper Video Game and Film Composer http://www.youtube.com/user/cooperm211 Let me know what you think! Completely troll it if you want lol I just want someone to listen to a few.
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