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  1. Just to make sure that it's something about the code, and not the breakpoints system, could you put something like printf("whatever..."); there to see if it really runs only once?
  2. geekyware

    Map discovery algorithm

    I don't know cocos2d, but as long as you have the sourcecode, you should be able to give everytile a bool property called visible or something like that. Everything starts with visible=false, and everyloop, you activate it if there's any unit close to it. One way to do it would be goign through the whole map every 10 or 11 game loops, so it doesn't lag, and if any tile has visible=false, then check the surroundings to check if there's any unit controlled by you. Anothe more efficient would be this: as I guess every unit has some kind of update method that executes every game loop, for every unit you can check the surroundings and set visible to true if it's false in some of the tiles. Exactly with what part of implementing this are you having problems?
  3. geekyware

    Web game - what language?

    No you don't have to install anything because it's interpreted by the browser, but it runs in the client side so you should use it only to show stuff, never to control the game in order to avoid easy cheating. I would recommend PHP with javascript to upload what you see every 2 or 3 seconds without having to refresh the page, but having the javascript code doing it for you.
  4. geekyware

    Programming: Linux vs. Windows?

    If you consider all the Free Software stuff, Linux will be obviously better, but that's an option, and it doesn't have anything to do with the programming itself, so decide the one you like more. I use Linux right now and don't have problems, but have Windows too in another partition and if I make a program for Windows I will use it of course. However, I always try to make things multiplatform, so it''s just compiling in the diferent systems. In that case I program in Linux, just because I like it more, there's no other reason.
  5. geekyware

    When/Why to Move to C++?

    Well, I started with C, that was the first I learned and i think that made me a lot easier to understand new languages, althought it took time to me to understand that one. Why to move to C++? Whenever you want. At first I didn't understand oop really good, and couldn't see why that would be usefull, but when I understood them and applied it to game, classes and all these things happened to be much more comfortable and, in my opinion, easy to use, than the things I had to do before. Now when I think about how would I do that in a game, I always think in C++, so I would recommend you to move into C++, but it's not necessary to make games at all. In fact, most libraries are for C, not for C++, (but in C++ you can use them), like SDL, OpenGL, Allegro...
  6. geekyware

    RPG Weapon Stats

    I can give you an example for the multiplier. In this example we add 0.1 for each level, but you can change it with whatever you want. Of course this would be a linear incresing, but they're simple maths, and I hope you can do it with this example. level1 - multiplies by 1 level2 - multiplies by 1.1 level3 - multiplies by 1.2 and so on we can see we add (level-1)/10 to the base multiplier, which is 1. So we got it: 1+(level-1)/10 = (9+level(/10 int multiplier = (9+weaponlevel)/10; attack = damage_it_should_do*multiplier That's an example, I hope it helped.
  7. geekyware

    C vs C++ features

    As said before, I prefer the malloc... functions for dynamic memory. I use C++ as C-with-classes, and I think that's just perfect.
  8. geekyware

    Problem with SDL_ttf

    Ok, thank you. Will then stick to SDL for now, as it's the one I've learned.
  9. geekyware

    [Research] XBox development

    You wrote Xbox Live Arcade twice, xD I guess you meant Indie games and Arcade. Well, arcade are more professional oriented, and of course different licences are required. In arcade I'm pretty sure you get more money from your games, you have access to achievements, etc. (This doesn't mean there are not indie games in XBLA, like Limbo or Braid). Indie is for more beginners game makers, you get a smaller percentage, you can do it with XNA/C# and the license is cheaper, I think it's 99US$ a year. For the indie making, check out the official webpage: http://create.msdn.com/en-US/
  10. geekyware

    Problem with SDL_ttf

    Oh sh*t, thanks, problem solved, just copied the ttf file into the executable directory. Thanks again, don't know why I didn't realise. About the problems with C+, I didn't knew it either, I registered at this community two days ago andhave been looking around, and I've read a los of times that SDL is very buggy, specially with C++, that Allegro is better, etc. But I haven't had any problems with it so far... thank you again. By the way, do you know anyway in NetBeans (or where is it generally in IDEs) so I can make it to copy the resource files to the folder where the executable is so I don't have to copy them manually?
  11. geekyware

    Problem with SDL_ttf

    I'm programming a game using SDL and SDL_ttf, I'm doing it in C++ using NetBeans in a Linux system (Ubuntu specifically). I've read over here that SDL have some problems when you use it in C++, but I haven't had any (until now). Well, the thing is that my game compiles and executes just perfectly on the IDE, the problem comes when I compile an executable and try to run it directly (the one it makes in dist/Release/...). When I do it, it gives me a segment violation. I've been isolating the fail, and it's in this code of block: void dibujarmenu(TTF_Font *font1, SDL_Surface **screen, controlador *contr) { TTF_Font *font = TTF_OpenFont("FreeSans.ttf", 10); dibujarseleccionado(screen, contr); //Left menu first because of being smaller //QUIT color = (SDL_Color) {150,150,150,255}; if ((text = TTF_RenderText_Solid(font, "QUIT", color))==NULL) cout << TTF_GetError() << endl; rect = (SDL_Rect) {712,584,88,13}; SDL_BlitSurface(text, NULL, *screen, &rect); The exact problem is in the function TTF_RenderTextSolid(); As you can see, I load the font directly in the function, I used to give it to the function in the arguments (the first one), but I thought that could be causing the problem so I changed it, but nothing changed in the result. color is defined in the same file but outside the function, like this: SDL_Color color; Can you see any problems that may be causing this? Thanks in advance.
  12. geekyware


    That's one of the things I told you. I absolutely do it, specially if they have relevance outside the game like the xbox achievements or the ps trophies. But in-game achievements are also interesting.
  13. geekyware

    Medieval MMO, stuck in design

    Being the king makes it a little bit difficult, but you should check out a WiiWare game called FF King Chronicles (or my life as a king), you're the king there. Anyway, if it's a MMO, then you could have unexplored lands outside the towns with active quests (you should try to implement quests, even if they're very very simple, they could repeat or something, it wouldn't make the game look rpetitive if it's a MMO), and you can hire explorers or something to go there investigate, kill, get treasures, etc... I don't know... Am i giving you ideas?
  14. geekyware

    Medieval MMO, stuck in design

    Some kind of Fable? Super fable? Being able to build your own "zone", some kind of a small town for yourself, a villa or something like that that you can upgrade. And of course, quests, if they're kingdoms you should be able to speak to the "king" or whatever to ask for quests so you earn money prizes, collection items and all this stuff. I don't know if the level idea is a good idea, so I wouldn't make the player have levels, but just be able to buy/build better weapons or things like that. ¿Don't you have a slight idea of what do you want? I don't think it's good for you having people making your game, because you will lose interest on it, give your idead so people can improve them. Good luck
  15. geekyware


    Chaging the game once it's finished, adding bonuses for the story (new guns, things like that), achievements, arcade style playing...
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