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  1. Multiplatform game SDK choice

    @MoroS84 In all honesty, I'm not at all a programmer or game designer. However, I can point you to a few options and you can choose from there. I have a few game engines listed on [url="http://www.linuxgameconsortium.com/game-development"]Linux Game Consortium[/url]. [url="http://www.linuxgamenews.com/post/23114389500/open-source-platforms-for-mobile-apps-and-games"]Linux Game News[/url] has a few other choices, commerial options we've come across. [url="http://www.linuxgamenews.com/post/25385115766/unity-4-pre-orders-microtransaction-asset-store"]Unity[/url] is also another option for cross-platform gaming. Best Regards, Todd B. Linux Game News & Linux Game Consortium
  2. selling casual game

    You know... one idea is to create a game across a different platforms. Linux is picking up quickly and we're always looking for talented games developers. Read through our [url="http://www.linuxgameconsortium.com/newdeveloper"]developer registration[/url] and feel free to ask questions.
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  5. Bossie Awards 2011: The best open source software of the year - One of the best ways to see the success of... http://t.co/qcLtkkK
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  8. Quest needs developer help with their Linux edition http://t.co/1hr0KB3
  9. OpenTTD vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution - The OpenTTD developers have discovered three... http://t.co/UyFHHom
  10. Developer Interview: Derek Yu on Aquaria, TIGSource and Indie Development - Let’s start with the basics: who... http://t.co/7kz3NVP
  11. Home-grown game developers ready to take on the world - As video games become more and more commonplace,... http://t.co/qqxtxco
  12. GeneticInvasion : a brand new Tower Defence - Hi! I’m here to show you a new game that I’m working on:... http://t.co/4PyZHNq
  13. [WANTED] 2D Online Puzzle/Action Game Developers - Team name: Coldsnap Games (Unregistered, possible to... http://t.co/DdX9wlR
  14. INTERN NEEDED! - Description: A Houston based Game Development Studio is looking for an intern who wants the... http://t.co/PsUc3VL
  15. Tactical Game Battle for Wesnoth Wins Accolades, Doesn't Loot Your Wallet - Battle for Wesnoth is a free,... http://t.co/lCtnXvp
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