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    Evaalice9, We all feel your pain my friend, I know this isn't much help to you, but only you know what you want to do in the future, no one can really help you with this. Realistically, we must consider money when going for a career, we can't live off thin air, right? BUT, when the going gets tough and you feel like quitting, if you don't particularly enjoy what your doing, then why do it? Ultimately, you should enjoy your craft. You currently work as a data entry operator, could you ask within the company that you work for? Perhaps they can offer some work experience in a different department? Choosing a career path on a forum is a bad decision IMO, if you can shadow a software developer / Web developer within the company this will enable you to make a more informed decision about your future. Have you considered voluntary work to help make your decision?
  2. Fligex, If you want to achieve something, then go for it. If you want to create an MMO, then go for it, only you will know if it is the correct path whilst travelling along it. You said it yourself, that you are exhausted with the games you play, so, do you think the quality of the graphics will make a difference to your motivation? if you want to create an MMO, have you ever considered a text based MMO? This will enable your imagination to run wild without the need to create graphics.
  3. I'd vote for the Monkey programming language very close to Java, although still in it's infancy, Monkey is a pleasure to work with, but that's my opinion.
  4. Hi Tantalus45, Have you considered downloading a copy of BlitzPlus, goto: http://www.blitzbasic.com/Products/_index_.php It shouldn't take you and your friend long to learn, so your productivity could be increased, it's free for a limited time. see what you think.
  5. Take a look at http://kivy.org/#home see what you think
  6. Because you're not the only person applying for the job. Imagine an employer who wants 1 person, and 10 people apply for the job. He's probably not going to choose the one who doesn't have a degree, to put it that way. [/quote] If the employer is a good one, they will choose the person with the best portfolio and potential. John Carmack never had a degree, in fact he dropped out to work freelance. ----------------------- @buttear ----------------------- The only person who can decide if its worth it, is you. You don't necessarily need a CS degree but in this day, a degree is a bonus for you, anyway, why rush to get to the world of work? Continue your studies and have some fun before being part of the corporate jungle!
  7. If you want to start creating games fairly quickly, have you considered BlitzMax? DarkBasic Pro? DarkGDK ? If you want to use C/C++ DarkGDK is probably the way to go fairly quickly, it's free and you only have to pay when you start selling your games. You could always start learning ANSI C++ and create a basic text adventure first, see how you go We all know your pain my friend, it is hard to choose, but if you don't choose and stick with it, your still be choosing 10 years down the line, like many people I know.
  8. Cham, It is difficult to choose a language as there are so many choices I don't think anyone here can tell you what too learn, although we can all give you our opinion on what we find useful. Many teenagers start out with Python, it is easy to get started with and make something fairly quickly. I would prefer to use Python[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][background=rgb(250, 251, 252)], it is very simple but I'm worried I can't make powerful games with Python (I haven't seen one popular game coded in Python).[/background] [/font][/quote] Look up Panda3D, you can use Python to create your games Heard of Severance: Blade of Darkness? although the engine was primarily coded in C++, Python was also used by the developers to create scripts for the game. Most individuals will suggest that you just learn a language as it doesn't matter which you pick, well... In my experience, it does matter, if your going to spend your time learning a language it is wise to choose a language that your going to enjoy using. I use Java (Android development), C# (PS VITA development) and Python(Panda3D, Raspberry Pi ) You can't go wrong by choosing Python my friend ;)
  9. It really depends on what you find comfortable, Java and Python are both great languages. My two recommendations to use with either language are: Java - JMonkeyEngine Python - Panda3D
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