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  1. Need a good, free compiler

    You could try visual studio express
  2. Should I use SDL exclusively?

    Thanks JQ I'm trying to learn to program using non-platform specific calls early on?
  3. I dont have a problem(I dont hate it or love it) with the win32 api. I am not very interested in Directx. So, should I use SDL exclusively? What would be the pros and cons of doing this?
  4. Why is this breaking

    Oh yeah thanks for the help everyone. I've been getting strange errors(to me anyway) like this every now then every since I began to experiment with static libs.
  5. Why is this breaking

    Ok I fixed it. I just close the project and deleted the files in the debug folder. And now it works
  6. Why is this breaking

    Sorry for the incomplete info I sat a breakpoint on the if condition then I stepped through the body of the if and found that right after m_colortype it breaks and MakeTexture is never called.
  7. Why is this breaking

    This if statement is breaking right after m_ColorType = GL_RGB Why? if(bmih.biBitCount==8) { int colorsused = bmih.biClrUsed; if(colorsused==0) { colorsused=256; } aBitmapBits= new BYTE[bmih.biWidth*bmih.biHeight*3]; BYTE *indices= new BYTE[bmih.biWidth*bmih.biHeight]; aColors = new RGBQUAD[colorsused]; fread(aColors,sizeof(RGBQUAD)*colorsused,1,pFile); fread(indices,bmih.biWidth*bmih.biHeight,1,pFile); for(int i=0;i< bmih.biWidth*bmih.biHeight;i++) { aBitmapBits[i*3] = aColors[indices[i]].rgbRed; aBitmapBits[i*3+1]= aColors[indices[i]].rgbGreen; aBitmapBits[i*3+2]= aColors[indices[i]].rgbBlue; } m_ColorType = GL_RGB; MakeTexture(); delete[] indices; }
  8. Why functions pointers

    I think I get it. Lets say for some reason the target system does not support glClear function. The code could just switch to a clearing function created by the programmer by just pointing to the new function.And changing the function that called the clearing function would be needed. I am right?
  9. Why functions pointers

    Quote:Original post by DigitalDelusion There's load of reasons todo it, if we take your glClear as an example if you move it to an application defined function pointer like qglClear and you get a lot of flexibility. You can with very little work do the following: * disable clearing without changing any code * count the number of calls * implement workarounds for known buggy drivers ... see, and all it really cost you is one extra indirection hardly nothing. How could you disable the function without changing code
  10. I looked at both the Quake 2 and Orge engines and they both assign functions pointers to exsisting Opengl functions Why dont they just call the gl function. EX. Quake calls qglClear instead glClear ,why?
  11. Ok, Now I feel silly :D Thanks
  12. How I do set wireframe mode in opengl?
  13. What should a good game framework be ?

    ace_lovegrove That was the way I was doing it. My code sucked though.
  14. What should a good game framework be ?

    IFooBar,i'm learning a lot from you engine and your site(if that is your site) and the reply thanks.
  15. What should a good game framework be ?

    Thanks for the replies keep them coming. I have not looked at ogre's code but I will.