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  1. seya

    triangle bridging

    Thanks for the new ideas.... yes, is a really hard task, that's why there's no so much information in the web about that and mainly are just addressing particular cases distance among vertices cannot be the only critera because of curvature and relatives angles ... I will keep researching this topic and if I find a solution I will let you know here and I will not give up so easily Cheers
  2. seya

    triangle bridging

    Oh thanks a lot! I think I'm starting to understand now ....definitely it will help
  3. seya

    triangle bridging

    Oh thanks for your reply!!! you have bring me hope in this forum here I attach you a picture of what I want to do, is not triangulating holes, is connecting holes in 3D space, what I need is a detailed algorithm descriptions and/or source code in order to understand it. [attachment=5287:1.jpg] [attachment=5288:2.jpg]
  4. seya

    triangle bridging

    Ops! after several days without a response I'm fear there's no knowledge base about this in this forum? please at least suggest me another forum and I will leave forever this one and I will no bother you all with any more questions. my last shot: I need to bridge/connect two holes in mesh, I have several loop rings of vertex corresponding to each hole but all I found in internet are short verbal descriptions of succesful algorithm but no theory at all, someone has suggest me a modified Bresenham algorithm O.o but i'm in darkness..... Thanks in advance
  5. Hi I have being trying without success to find algorithm descriptions or source codes about bridging two triangular faces.... I would preciate any help.
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