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  1. I'm planning on making games for money And I'm trying to figure out the best sound API that's free for commercial and non-commercial usage
  2. I'm trying to get 3d to work with sdl openGL How do you enable 3d on sdl openGL? And how do I create 3d objects in sdl openGL too?
  3. I'm learning openGL (using sdl implementation) And recently I have seen these glColors appear when I type glColor in codeblocks I've expermented with them and I got differnet colors I'm wondering what's the difference between these glColors
  4. Thanks guys I am working on using the state machines in my program
  5. Yes I'm drawing the play and pause buttons using sdl And I do want them to appear but just not in the help screen
  6. I'm a beginner coder And what I'm making right now is a program called mixer which plays sound effects while playing a song of your choice And I'm trying to impliment a help screen but I need to make the play and pause button disappear to do that Can you guys help me please?
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