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  1. Discount_Flunky

    Which Country Should I Move To?

    Your not going to find that anywhere.
  2. Discount_Flunky

    Death Note Abridged

    Hello I am Discount_Flunky My team has finally made the first episode of Death Note abridged. All things considered I think it's very good for a first episode. I know that there are a lot of DNA versions out there (most never get past the first episode), but I feel ours is very unique. Plus most DNA series our absolute crap. Most of the time they literally copy the original script almost line by line. Feedback is strongly appreciated, however let me spare you form having to report the obvious. I am well aware that there are several lines were you can hear mic cracking sounds and I also know that certain lines are way to quiet. It's all our mics fault. The thing is so fickle it's scary. I think if we got a better mic the quality of our work would double (at least). In fact if anyone could recommend a quality microphone model that's cost $100 dollars or less it would be greatly appreciated. Here's the link. Link After (and during) we finish this series I really want to cross over into more virgin territory and do abridgments of old school cartoons. I'm also considering doing it with live action shows.
  3. Seriously Robobailey, I wait about three weeks before I bump and you send me down to the bottom of page 2 with your stupid posts over night. Normaly that would take at least a week.
  4. This user should be banned.
  5. The gallery I made has stopped working I reupload everything soon
  6. Discount_Flunky


    Concept art, models, and Screen Shots for Bubonic
  7. Spoofs are not ilegal. In fact I think the law says you can spoof anything you want. I know for a fact that celerbies are not allowed to sue someone for making spoofs based off them. As long as its clearly a joke I don't think they can do anything. To be safe do not copy anything exalty. Make everything a "likeness" of the object and give it a parody name. Also don't mention games by name because then they can get you for product placment charges. And most of all do not copy the games companies logo. They can defanitly get you for that. You can make fun of other games plot but don't have your charactor "follow" the plot. Basicly don't copy the game itself.
  8. Discount_Flunky

    Linear RPG? Sandbox RPG? See-Saw RPG?

    Why would the story line stop if you play as good player? That makes very little sense. That's just forcing people to play as a bad character. And why would there be more enemies if you bad? Are there no bad enemies in the game or something? There should be differences in play style, but they should be subtle
  9. Discount_Flunky

    Game engine market share

    I think Source publishes it's data but I don't know were.
  10. Discount_Flunky

    Hows this for a leveling system

    Each level shows how much they have to get for each level starting form zero. Not how much total xp the person will have at that level. For instance if it says lvl 40 is 30000 xp and lvl 41 31000 that means that once they get lvl 40 they must get 31,000 xp again to get to lvl 41. Basically lvl 41 would take exactly as much effort to get as lvl 40 plus how ever much effort 1000xp is.
  11. Discount_Flunky

    Best Sites to Solicit for Indie Developer Interviews?

    Well then I guess this is relevant then. Hope you get someone to interview you.
  12. Discount_Flunky

    Best Sites to Solicit for Indie Developer Interviews?

    Well I don't know were you would Solicit but I think you'll have a better chance of getting an interview if you have something to show off. In other words you shouldn't worry about this till you release your first game or are about to release your first game.
  13. Uh, no. I've said that the Palestinians are worse off, which is obviously true. I've pointed out that many of your statements regarding Israel apply equally well to the Palestinians. I've never supported their attacks on Israel, or suggested a solution to the issue that favours the Palestinians, or suggested any solutions at all. Stop making shit up. [/quote] Now you have officially crossed into douche territory. You miss quote me, insult me, and clearly bring your personal "dichotomy" into the debate. You have clearly lost your cool. Who taught you how to debate? Furthermore if you really are as perfectly neutral as you claim you are, you wouldn't have commented to me in the first place. You responded to something I said to someone else when I disagreed with someone who claimed Israel is a dictatorship and then preceded to rant about nation sizes and Zionist and such. We really should stop this debate now that you have taken all civilized discussion out of it entirely. Also this debate could last forever and there probably will never be a winner. (O and if you see 1 positive reputation point for your post. It was me, I accidentally voted it up when I wanted to vote it down, and it's irreversible.)
  14. Except that is what you've been doing.
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