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  1. Quote:Original post by googlyeyes his/her webpage appears to be dakedesu.gamedeveloper.net(WARNING: webpage makes eyes bleed!) but it seems to be under construction and none of the links work. thanks, i will check this rat kidd forum ! and yes, i have found his/her private page at gamedeveloper.net; unfortunately, there is no email contact written down. (the complete page seems to be empty)
  2. *laughing* very funny to read, what people are thinking about such requests... *g* but, noone of your assumptions is correct: i'm trying to reach him (her?? what now??) because i think he may know about a distinct website, i've lost the URL of; this website is related to magic, occultism ect.; and it could be, that he knows the URL. why this ? i can't remember the link, but only a few characters; and i know a nearly complete sentence of a subpage on this webpage, but that's all; and, yes: i have already tried google's domain search ability; i have tried ton's of wildcards ect. - but i can't find this URL...
  3. hi peoples, i'm looking out to reach a user, which was formerly logged on to this board with the name "dakedesu" (i know, there are ton's of people who will remind him); i have scanned the forum, i've used google; everything i can find are some links related to gdnet-threads and one relating to his webpage; unfortunately, on his webpage is no email address written down (maybe due spam protection issues). has anyone a valid email address for me, does anybody know how to reach him; it would be also possible that someone is going to tell him, that i'm looking out for his email, that he will contact me. any ideas/suggestions ? thanks in advance...
  4. OpenGL MD2/3 Api loader

  5. check out gametutorials.com, there is a very good camera tutorial...
  6. Loading textures from disk

    hi magmai, in our engine we have a "compiler" (or call it what you want), which loads all textures and then it does simple compiling of all the stuff into one big special file - and yes: this compiler is based on DevIL, for convenience. but i have to note this each time, when somebody is talking about DevIL: DevIL does not load all images, but most - i'm not talking about special file formats (like CMYK JPG's), but about - for example - about the original Quake3 media: DevIL has some problems here, and it can't handle all files... (i have told the author about the problem, but he simply ignored my request) i you want a full featured image library, which can handle really all (!) file formats out there, head for "Leadtools image library", but it's commercial. (license is around 800EUR, IIRC?)
  7. Quote:Original post by vajuras skeletal animation tutorial is a tut i wrote. I prefer skeletal animation for consoles/PC because: 1) consumes less memory than vertex animation 2) you can do cool things like rag dolls, bone collision,etc 3) you can share animations between different characters cons: skeletal animation requires more math than vertex animation. hence, it makes the CPU work harder. link down... :(
  8. Your favorite programming language

    GLSlang, vertex/pixelshader assembler :D
  9. hi. i have a very big problem with my VPN connections over 3 ActiveDirectory sites; let's name it A, B and C. A is the internet server, running our email stuff ect; this computer is a W2K ActiveDirectory controller; this machine has no computers behind it, since it's located at our ISP. B is the first site, running W2K3 server, and its also an additional ActiveDirectory controller; this machine has some computers behind it, the first part of our network. C is the third site, running also W2K3 and AD site controller; this site has also some computers behind, the second part of our network. the current situation is the following: B is connected to A via VPN. everything is working fine fom this site: i can ping, use outlook, connect to shares on A, ect... C is connected to B, also via VPN. so, i'm interested in a connection from C over B to A. (meaning routing the complete traffic from A over B to C) the problem is: from site C i can't reach reach A. trying to ping site C results in a timeout, the adress is showing up correctly, but all packets are lost. has anyone experience with similar configurations ? a link or a document ? _any_ help/hint/info is highly appreciated ! thanks.
  10. windows update - how to...

    Quote:Original post by Mushu What about the "review and install" link on the Windows Update webpage? That might be what you're looking for. (hopefully) i can't access internet because this is a new machine, and when i'm connected after 5 - 10 minutes i got crashed because of the last-year-virus (i forgot the name!) which is shutting down your machine. BUT: i solved it due a small workaround: i setted windows to update each day at 1900 PM; i switched the clock to 1859PM and ... voila: the assistant pops up ! thanks for your help, nevertheless.
  11. windows update - how to...

    @Mushu: no no, you misunderstood me - the option, mentioned by you, guides me only to the webpage on the internet - but i have already downloaded the updates, and they are stored on my harddisk, somewhere - the only info i need is, how to bring up this installing assistent. and yes: i also tried executing "winupd2.exe", the file where the startmenuoption "Windows Update" is pointing to - but this has also the same effect: i'm ending up visiting the windowsupdate.com page. there must be a option how to bring up this assistent, i'm pretty sure about this - but i don't know how where :( thanks in advance.
  12. windows update - how to...

    hi, i have a small problem regarding windows automatic update functionality: recently i downloaded some updates, but i didn't install them directly after downloading, instead i clicked away the notification and disabled the "notify-me-in-..."-option. now, i know that there are at least 10 updates already downloaded, but i can't active this dialog/application to install the already downloaded ones... i know for sure, there is a simple exe file, or something else, allowing me to deploy the already downloaded updates - but i can't find it !? does anyone know, which file to execute to bring up this install-assistent ? any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. yes, but there are also lot of people tending to use 3DSMax as a customized version, even for their gamespecific functions; 3DSMax is fully customizeable application, you could think of it as a "OS for 3D applications"; in 3DSMax you can change everything you want, except some system specific topics; 3DSMax is build uppon a completely expandable/replaceable plugin architecture, which gives you absolutely a maximum of flexibility. so, it's no problem to write any plugin/extension for 3DSMax you want, and you can place do arbitrary stuff for any game/production you want.
  14. hm...there are several ways: - drive a porn website - drive a warez abo service - drive an (il)legal online casino - dialer software - porn link referals - ... ect. :D :D :D DISCLAIMER: i have not recommended anything of the above methods to anyone ! i have only though about some ways to make money on the internet !
  15. GDNet London Grand Night Out, anyone?

    superpig, can't you combine this "one evening day" with some other things; or perhaps, expand it to at least 2 - 3 days ?! i'm from germany, and i would really appreciate such thing, but as you might guess, flying to london only for one or two beers is a little bit to expensive - so, extending your plan to "a little bit bigger event" would be cool !
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