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  1. [img][/img] Mobilive and Ayopa Games are happy to announce the release of a new iOS game, Death Golf! Unleash deadly power on the golf course! For the first time on iOS, skillful golf gameplay meets action-packed platforming with death-defying results! Death Golf is coming to iPhone 5, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad soon! Head onto the course to combat ferocious predators and avoid devious traps. Use devastating Death Golf power-ups and colossal point-boosting combos to head for the hole! You can duck into the clubhouse and upgrade your gear before heading back out to conquer more than 35 levels with fantastic scenery, creatures and effects! Game Center leaderboards and achievements mean you can track your progress against other fearless Death Golfers! [img][/img] Check out the trailer: [url=""][/url] See more about the game here: [url="http://?"]?[/url]
  2. Our new logo is finally here! Feel free to tell your opinions about it!
  3. Go check out our development blog [url=""][/url] Project Valhalla is a retro-style platformer game for mobile platforms. All comments highly appreciated! [img][/img]