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  1. Tom Wright

    Are there jobs you can't do?

    Hey, thanks for the advice guys. It seems like most careers, networking is the key, something I've never been too good at. That thread about working in a team is very interesting too.
  2. I'm just starting to get into composing, and I've hooked up with a few amateur developers to make games recently, with no money involved, just doing it in our spare time and putting it out there, just for experience. One developer I joined recently asked me for a particular genre of music, which I can do fine, but when we got talking, they said they wanted another completely unrelated genre of music, which I don't really know anything about. I've immersed myself in the genre, listening a lot to the particular pieces they've suggested to me, studied several websites on writing in that genre, but I think what it comes down to is: I simply am not versed in that style of music, nor can I play it very well on any instrument. I've spent several days and come up with half ideas that I'm not happy with. I'm loath to give up, but I'm not sure what else to do. Does anyone else have any experience of this kind of situation?
  3. Tom Wright

    Videogame Scoring

    I worked on a new piece over the weekend, inspired by the sandworms of Dune. http://soundcloud.com/tomekwright/riding-the-worm/
  4. Tom Wright

    Couple of questions about my tracks

    The pieces definitely remind me of Theme Hospital. I loved the first one, and it really fits the feel of the screenshots for me. The second one, while I really liked the melodies, sounded a bit too midi, I think. The electric piano sound is nice, but mixed with that whistle, the synth bass and the guitar (I think?) it all ends up becoming a bit 8bit to me. Whereas the first track sounds far more real. So I think that would be great with different instruments, unless you're going for that retro sound. I'd definitely like to hear more of your music.
  5. Tom Wright

    Videogame Scoring

    Thanks Eigen, feedback is really helpful. After being burnt out on that last piece I ignored it for a few days, cleansing my brain with some blues. I went back to it this evening and started to have some thoughts, so maybe I will do something with it after all. I did listen to your tracks, but at the time I didn't feel qualified to give any feedback without having my own music out there. I will go and post in the thread with my thoughts.
  6. Tom Wright

    Videogame Scoring

    Nate, thank you very much for the reply! I find it interesting you like the ambient track so much, every single person I've played these tracks to here in the studio has pretty much ignored it and concentrated on the others. The "main theme" piece I really started to struggle with. I had much more going on, larger tempo changes, more differences in volume, plus a few more things going on at various parts such as pizzicato and harp underneath the woodwind section at the end. I toned it all down because I thought the average gamer might find it a bit too much to listen to. I felt like I just couldn't get it 100% and I considered just abandoning it, which is what I think I might do now and write a completely fresh main theme idea. Thanks for all the pointers, you obviously know your stuff.
  7. Tom Wright

    Videogame Scoring

    Hello everyone. I've been following this forum for a while now before signing up today. Listening to all of your music and reading everything posted, as well as books and other websites, and immersing myself in my favourite soundtracks from the past 15 years. In this time I've been learning the tools of soundtrack composition and today I've uploaded four tracks to my Soundcloud page at http://soundcloud.com/tomekwright/sets/vss060911 I'd be pleased if you gave them a listen. I have played in orchestras and bands for 15 or so years but game scoring is something I'd really like to get my teeth into now, so I'd really like some feedback.
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