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    Ramblings on programming

    Your punditry is coming from "I wonder where trend X applied to process Y would go" rather than "What are the simplest/most effective ways to solve the current bottlenecks?". IMO, development bottlenecks include specification and testing. You posted this journal entry into a thread and someone said they disagreed with you and that the trends will be towards stuff like Extreme Programming and all those buzzwords. XP is solving the correct problems. I agree with that poster. Quote:Think of a programming environment where you build programs using blocks like I described as above, you could use them recursively, that is you could have a single block at one level that is defined using many blocks on another level. That's not recursion. That's composition.
  2. flangazor

    Of Crunch and Codeblock

    Visio does the trick. Moose may do the trick, but it's quite ugly.
  3. flangazor

    Mock-ups, early revision

    Feature creep warning. Get a spec written with all your ideas and prioritise them.
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