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    High poly finished in Zbrush - What's next?

    Alright. So. You want to use the "Decimation Master" tool,  though make sure you have an iteration of your final sculpt saved off first.   This tool decreases the polycount of a subtool, while keeping the shape as best it can. Don't go too low, but you should be able to decrease everything to a few thousand polys each instead of millions. Use those to import into blender for retopo, but still bake from the pieces in the detailed final sculpt file.   Zbrush has retopo tools, but they're kind of questionable at best.   If you need more advice, this forum can be really helpful but sometimes the art sections are a little quiet. Try asking at Polycount for advice that's program specific, there's just more traffic that actually uses niche tools for game artists in their workflow. http://www.polycount.com/forum/index.php It's a great resource in general and for networking as a 3D artist, too.   Good luck, hope this can help.
  4. Procrastination is a terrible beast; I just rearranged my entire room to avoid working on my Petrol/Blood entry. ...Wow.
  5. So close to finishing my work (after loosing it all in a PS crash), and I'm stuck on my presentation. Darn it.
  6. BagelHero

    3ds Max 2014 Review

  7. Wow okay the AIE is really pushing me-- Next up, group environments.
  8. I'm happy that people are appreciating that post I made in Visual Arts!
  9. I feel like I'm getting a little of my kick back.
  10. Ah, everything's new...
  11. Disregard any twitter messages from BagelHero-- Account hacked.
  12. I made $807 today check out this article! http://t.co/pjv6fT8J
  13. Gayao is my UTAU. Isn't he gorgeous-- oh god stereotypical gay Hayao is ridiculous... Well, not so far off but w/e
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