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    Mulitplayer Tactics Game

    What Tiblanc said. Oh and I want to add this to your classnames ^^
  2. Arxor

    A Gay Hero

    The biggest proportion of an RPG is that a person can feel with the character, and build it like the person in real life resembles. Look at the biggest games, they consist most of the time out of one of these 2 things: the player can decide how the character behaves, or the party consists out of more members, with a most of the time at least brave noble hero, a reckless fighter and a girl. All those things are to give players the ability to "be" a character they like. Why a gay hero is a bad idea? A small percentage is gay. And I'm saying this by statistics, not out of homophobiac. If you make the game able to CHOOSE if you're gay, or the gay person is one of the party, it would change it. But make the player feel like he "could" or "wants" to be him. ~Arxor
  3. Arxor

    Supplies/goods in post-apoc world?

    Matchboxes Torches Crowbar maybe? Lasers. Every game needs it.
  4. Arxor

    Medieval MMO, stuck in design

    Oh but problem with the election system is that you have to be careful that a player doesnt create hundreds of alts or bots and vote for himself I would otherwise >: ) So the "worth" of a single vote should be based on player level/advancement/whatever how you implement difference
  5. Arxor

    End Game

    Well, in fact it is a bit what World of Warcraft does to be honest. Let me elaborate. Every 2 year there is an "end of game" with every new expansion. Every patch a new dungeon (raid instance) is unlocked, which finally results into killing a giant threat. But the storyline and quests evolve to, toward the dramatic ending and the giant bad ass of the new patch (read: Illidan/Kil'jaeden, Arthas, Deathwing) will try to unleash its power on you. After killing him, you feel like this is the end, since the world that you're currently in is saved and rid of the big meanie. But after that is done, a new expansion arrives, totally resetting all obtained things, since armour from previous series only becomes useful for showoff, real high pvp rating only becomes useful for the title you get, and further... you have to start over. And this is what I think it should be. If there is no new content to be released, players will get dull with old bosses. If the old content armour is needed to be able to slay the newer bosses, new players will have really hard time to get started. Therefor, I think the idea of an ending is a real good plan. The only trap is that you don't make sequels like bad part 2 and 3 movies have, but keep some story-line open. If you destroy all story and have to create a total new story, it will be the 2nd part of a story. Good luck with the project, ~Arxor
  6. Arxor

    Medieval MMO, stuck in design

    Security advice: Unknown user: arxor1 does not exist Invalid password for arxor Never point out difference. It only helps bots to crack passwords since they can guess username and password seperately. Dunno if you have thought about it as well, but maybe it would be nice to instead of giving the highest ranked player the king rank, you get real elections every <N period>, so you simulate real life even more. But that also includes that kings must have real great influance since the choice of king should be important. Anyway, goodluck with the project,, ~Arxor
  7. I remember that boss! There was also fire which you shouldn't stand into!
  8. Arxor

    Over, around or under it...

    How about... a door?
  9. Arxor

    RPG Classes

    [color=#333333] [size=7][size=7]The Seraphic Assailant [color="#666666"][font="Georgia, serif"]38% Strength, 13% Bloodlust, 23% Intelligence, 50% Spirit, 27% Vitality and 37% Agility![/font] [color="#666666"][font="Georgia, serif"] [/font] [color="#333333"]The Seraphic Assailant is the only class that has completely mastered the art of offensive light magic. Using this magic, Seraphic Assailants can create lances and swords out of pure light energy. These powerful weapons are devastatingly swift and can pierce through even the toughest armor. In addition, some Seraphic Assailants will occasionally master forms of powerful offensive elemental magic, though they are certainly not as adept with this type magic. Defensively, the Seraphic Assailant is much less adept at using light magic; however, they are still able to create weak shields and use basic healing magic. In addition, they can use their light to make some powerful and stunning illusions. Their greatest defensive asset is their ability to transform themselves into pure light energy. By doing this, they can avoid any damage and travel at speeds greater than any human can imagine. The only downside is that when they are in this form, they cannot engage in any sort of physical assault. Even without magic, Seraphic Assailants are some of the most powerful warriors in the world. As masters of weapons and martial arts, Seraphic Assailants are almost impossible to best in combat. On top of that, they can combine their light magic with their physical abilities to overpower even the most ferocious giants, monsters, and opponents. Although Seraphic Assailants have such incredible power, they hardly ever use it. Instead, they believe it's wiser to fight and use their strength only when absolutely necessary. Seraphic Assailants fight solely for the side of light and are arguable the purest, wisest, and most just of all warriors. Congratulations on reaching this powerful and sagacious class! This is a special class and requires a very high amount of Angelic Luminosity. You scored 72% on this variable! Angelic Luminosity overshadows any Hidden Power granted by the Genie. [/quote] I liked the test, it was a bit long but it felt worth it. Only advice I would give to counter that is to visually add progress, like total amount of questions or something. I don't know the amount of classes, but the result page gave you the idea that there was like hundreds of them, so it surely didn't feel useless to enter the whole form. Keep up the good work ~Arxor
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