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    Car Driving Simulator

    @kunos - yes the simulator is more for learning traffic rules. also our embedded systems group will make the hardware systems here itself like pedals and steering wheels and all this will have to interfaced so it feels like movement is real on screen. finally we want ability to change the car or the hardware controllers according to vendor. for example, sell this sim to BMW and have a particular cars steering wheel and pedals to be used as hardware controller. anyways nice inputs from all. really appreciate the inputs. will pop back in if more ques arise. and if any1 needs help with sound design i can help cheers
  2. sonictantra

    Car Driving Simulator

    thanks wan. so if i have to build a team from scratch for such a project what are the skill sets needed? i can suggest to management to hire some people to make a prototype on a contract basis in india.
  3. sonictantra

    Car Driving Simulator

    Great ideas there. We would infact be thinking of real life simulations and if the simulator is good enough want to show it to government car licencing authorities to see if they would like to approve our product for driving schools. also our company has plenty of automobile clients for their embedded systems work. so we can approach some car manufacturers and dealers and offer them some new solutions for showroom car test drives, etc. Thanks again.
  4. sonictantra

    Car Driving Simulator

    aha thanks for the reply kunos i should look into this. Also a friend suggested to look into "Torque 3D". I'm not sure again if i can use hardware interfacing...
  5. Hey fellaz being a electronic music producer for 13 yrs now. i do feel that it would b nice to have the chance to have my tunes integrated in a killer game. i can ofcourse twist n turn the beats according to game scenario/scene changes in fmod or somethin heres the gladness http://soundcloud.com/neological-vibration and the madness http://soundcloud.com/agh0ritantrik some feedback or suggesstions will be nice. im mainly lookin for fulltime video game job paying something like 1500-2000$ per month. i am based in india at the moment but have worked internationally before.. thanks
  6. sonictantra

    Car Driving Simulator

    Hey fellaz!! [font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]Theres a project on which I need some advice. We are planning to make a Car driving simulator with steering wheel, pedals, shock seat and perhaps VR headset or 3 screens. This is for real driving lessons and driving assessment. so its serious gaming project. Which game engine do you think will work with such kind of customized hardware controllers? Any advice in this direction will be good.[/font] [font=arial, sans-serif][size=2] [/font] [font="arial, sans-serif"]Im working for a large soft dev company and hav no background in gaming except i spent 2-3 years doing sound design for games. i hope to learn the ropes here![/font] [font="arial, sans-serif"] [/font] [font="arial, sans-serif"]my boss suggessted vega prime [/font]http://www.presagis.com/products_services/products/ms/visualization/vega_prime/ but my boss's boss rejected the idea as it was going to cost a hell lot for the licence ( 6.6 million INR) So yeeaa!! pleez enlighten
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