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    Project Stormos: Level Editor

    Thanks! I've been making accounts for people and getting awesome responses. Also been working on updates like a controller support issue that ChurchSkiz reported has been solved. Anybody can get the game now at projectstormos.com
  2. rstorm000

    Project Stormos: Level Editor

    Hey Skiz, yeah I did the music myself. Thanks for the pledge btw! Send me your email and username on Kickstarter and I'll send you the game.
  3. rstorm000

    Project Stormos: Level Editor

    Ahhh second video fixed. Here's the full kickstarter video for good measure! [media][/media] The game is done in Unity.
  4. rstorm000

    Project Stormos: Level Editor

    Hey n3xus, thanks for the pledge! Send me a message on Kickstarter with the username and email you want to use and I'll send you a copy of the game.
  5. rstorm000

    Project Stormos: Level Editor

    Hey guys, I wanted to show off my latest game Project Stormos here. [media][/media] It's a highspeed platformer with it's own level editor built right in. Here's a level editor tutorial [media][/media] [s]Currently handing out demos to pledgers at Kickstarter.com[/s] Kickstarter was a success =) Now selling the game on the homepage Here's where you can play! http://www.ProjectStormos.com
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