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    XNA with Kinect

    Hi Jason, Thanks for your answer...I already have the Kinect SDK installed... Actually the aim is creating 3D avatars and superimposing them on the skeletons tracked using Kinect SDK APIs...using DirectX for this seems a bit complicated (and I do not have enough knowledge on the topic to do that )... I was thinking of using XNA for the same,but found that it does not support Kinect...So is there any other way to achieve this? Thanks, Prachi
  2. prachiRocks

    XNA with Kinect

    Hi, I would like to develope a 3D game with input from Kinect. (eg. a 3D avatar which moves with the skeleton drawn using Kinect)..I read that XNA Game Studio does not support Kinect input.Is it true? Is there any other way of developing 3D game with Kinect?Other than Unity, OpenSpace3D... Please let me know. Thanks, Prachi
  3. Hi, Is it possible to alpha blend 2 2D images of different size?the smaller one overlaid on the larger one? How is it achieved? Thanks, Prachi
  4. prachiRocks

    [C++] Overlay sample

    Hi, I am trying to find a solution for a similar overlay problem. But, I am unable to open the link you have given in your post. Can you please send this zip to me ? [email="prachi_bhadekar@persistent.co.in%20?I"]I[/email] would appreciate it.Thanks a ton!
  5. Hi Dawoodoz, Thanks for your reply. Can you be a little more specific as to which shaders i should be using for this image overlay?That would be great! Regards, Prachi
  6. Hi, My aim is to overlay text/image on a 2D image using Direct3D. Any pointers on how to achieve this? Can it be done with the help of Sprites? [Note: I am a newbie...] Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I used D3DXCreateTextureFromFile function for this purpose,and it worked.
  8. Hi, I am totally new to DirectX. I went through this tutorial: http://www.directxtutorial.com/index.aspx and was able to succesfully run the demo application given here, to initialize Direcr3D and create a clear window. I would like to get any random image(say .jpg or .bmp) stored on my machine as input and display it on this window. How do I do it?Please help me in this. Thanks a lot in advance.
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