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  1. Unity

    I'm trying (and failing) to figure out what you censored with **** that was so bad you had to nix it.
  2. Keyboard turner.
  3. Just google zlib. It's pretty well-known.
  4. I totally think you should switch. The ability to stick things out when they get tough is just so overrated, man. Fuck that.
  5. So not only is he an idiot, he is also an asshole with a superiority complex. I am soooo done with this guy. Easy there, killer. I'll admit he's said some blunt things, but they could as easily come from, say, not being a native speaker. But don't write him off completely; he has produced some interesting things in the past (eg, http://www.gamedev.net/topic/644452-distance-field-landscape-demo-with-attachment/ ) and he is at least working and developing ( http://www.gamedev.net/topic/652697-neural-network-motion-video/ ), rather than just talking out his ass.
  6. Woot, thanks man!
  7. Having admitted to being unable to use modern IDEs, along with all your other examples of being rather inexperienced, do you honestly think you are the right one for the job of writing yet another How To Code book?
  8. "There are some pretty serious gaps in our abilities, including the fact that we can't properly store the necessary fuel long enough for a Mars trip, we don't yet have a vehicle capable of landing people on the Martian surface, and we aren't entirely sure what it will take to keep them alive once there." Mars Direct was devised in 1996, and they've learned a few things since then, about the problems of landing large masses on Mars for example. It's still a great outline of a plan, but it's not an actionable plan and it's still not backed by the requisite technology. It lays out a pretty good proposition for getting a guy or two to Mars, with enough mass to keep them alive for a year or two and maybe get them back home, but the mass requirements for an entire self-sustaining colony make it an entirely different task altogether. I have no doubt that the technology will be there someday, assuming we can solve some rather knotty societal problems back here on Earth, but not on anywhere near the timetable required for Mars One to be anything but a noisy scam.
  9.   Except the failures they seem to be headed toward aren't unpredictable things that nobody has thought of, or hidden failures that require some trial and error. They are the failures that anyone with even an iota of experience in the field of space travel are screaming about, waving big flags, and saying "Hey, if you do this, you are going to cook those people in an oven the size of a D&D grid cell, and smash the tin can holding their toasty corpses at thousands of miles per hour into the surface of a planet that they won't have the technology to survive on right now anyway!" Those aren't problems that you really need to discover by actually toasting a set of colonists, then going "whoops, guess we should have thought of this whole radiation issue."   The technology just isn't there. The technology won't be there, not on the timetable they are suggesting. We are a long way from even launching a single man to Mars, much less an entire colony's worth including supplies and tech to build a sustainable colony. You're talking hundreds, if not thousands, of times the mass of Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror landing. Just ain't gonna happen, folks.  
  10. I like bottoms, too. Also, implementation should be at the end of the file.
  11. What shader setup do you use for the silhouette material? It looks a LOT like the torchlight silhouettes.
  12. Are you kidding? The downvote button is sheer brilliance. The visible reputation score is even better. Really gives you a sense of how full of shit someone is. I hope they don't change a thing.
  13. Us regular members can't see the warning points of other people. They're for the mods and staff information, and your information, only. Ironically, this thread served the purpose of informing us all of your warned status, something I wonder if you really intended to do. What'd you do to get the warning? Was it spam?
  14. Hi phil. At it again?