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  1. How would be the best way to emulate or create a fake console screen within XNA on windows? I'd like it to start off as a normal looking console window but then more dynamics 'stuff' such as words/letters moving etc... the exact 'stuff' I'm not sure of. I'm doing it just for fun, as a logo/into type thing, I thought the best way to do it would be simply draw a black background with white text over the top, but I don't really know where to get the console font from, I tried using what the console actually references in some way (Consola and Lucida Console) but those don't seem to look right, perhaps it's the resolution of the font. I'm working almost exclusively within Windows so I'm not bothered about using any elements that are only reference-able within Windows. Just looking for some hints! Thanks
  2. I'm sorry, since it was a minor error I assumed you wouldn't need to copy and paste it since I already had some kind of work-around. Thanks your reply, can you suggest any better tutorials, then?
  3. So the tutorial is definately wrong?
  4. I'm following this (http://www.freewebs.com/campelmxna/HTMLTutorials/Tutorial12HTML.htm) tutorial in to how inheritance works but I've come across a problem: I can only have access to the base. variables in the Ball class when I add public when creating the variables within the Block class see images: As you can see there are errors in the above image where I'm trying to change base.x and y, and print them to console. Is there something wrong the tutorial? It also mentions that if I DON'T add new to the string creation then I would get a warning, however when I first made it (with the 'new' thing) I got the warning the tutorial said would occur if I DIDN'T have it there! Maybe it's an out of date tutorial?
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    Alright, thanks for the suggestions
  6. Kasceh

    Where to Start

    I'm looking to learn programming but with a direction - to make some kind of game. After reading the FAQ I came to the conclusion that C# with XNA was the way to go, but after researching that a bit further it doesn't seem to best thing to work with considering I want to make a PC game rather than some kind of Indie Xbox360 game. From a recent thread on here it seems that an XNA GUI is hard to come by (I take a GUI to be the menus and control inputs, please correct me if I'm wrong!). I have dabbled in Game Maker and MMF2Dev in the past but I REALLY don't like how you don't seem to have much control over what is going and decided I'd rather make a game through programming, rather than setting pre-configured events. I am not planning to turn this into my career - I'm actually doing a degree in Mechanical Engineering; however having said that knowing a programming language is not going to be a negative for me. I have also done some programming in the past, nothing too in depth but I am fairly confident with programming logic so I have an appreciation for how good I need to become; the furthest I have gone in to it is with mIRC script - making some bots that parse information on websites and manipulate it for me;I really enjoyed that. I just wondered what you guys would suggest? The endgame for is some kind of platforming game which I could maybe make some money from (not to support myself, just for some kind of reward for my efforts). I'm well aware this won't be completed within months or perhaps even years, I would have to first learn the language, practice using, maybe try clone some games to get the experience I would need to make my own, but I'm willing to do it.
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