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    "Frontiers" - sci fi action rpg

    And another post after a bit of silence. [media][/media] I'm changing the combat system from "Arcade Shooter" to "Tactical Shooter". For that I'm experiementing with new techniques. Currently, the system works similar to a roundbased and skill/itemdependent AP system, but it's in real time and instead of AP's all your actions take a certain amount of time to perform. A quickshot (LMB) is fast but less accurate then an aimed shot (RMB). Some weapons will offer special abilities like forcing an enemy into cover, stunning him for a couple of seconds etc. Also, it's now possible to give context sensitive orders to your team members like (attack, heal, build defensive turrents) etc. Feels much better then it did before! Lots of things to add yet still.
  2. MarcovonMoos

    "Frontiers" - sci fi action rpg

    Alright. One year anniversary working on the game is approaching. I've reached the stage where I'm actually taking a step backwards: After learning a lot about unity, about coding in general and trying out different things (some I liked, some I don't) I'll actually be spending the next weeks back on the drawing board and re-evaluate some of my concepts. Then I'll flesh out this "idea" into a solid, handleable and clear direction and then I'll push forward to develop it to that point. So there won't be much updates on the game for the next few weeks. At least nothing that's showable in pictures.
  3. MarcovonMoos

    "Frontiers" - sci fi action rpg

    Slight graphical update. (And yes, the minimap is a test placeholder).
  4. MarcovonMoos

    "Frontiers" - sci fi action rpg

    I'd agree with that. I also don't like that many games try to be films. I love filmic presentations, but I'd say the power of games is to give a player more then just following a (mostly poorly written, unfortunately) linear script with some shooting in between. A game needs to be about it's gameplay first of all. I'm also no fan of long cutscenes that take away any control. Hence I'll be trying to add in proper strategic gameplay decisions that drive the players action, then try to present that as filmic as I can get it. Maybe it'll work. Maybe not. I know when I'm done. [color=#1C2837][size=2]Are you going to put this on the XBLA? [/quote] [color=#1C2837][size=2] [color=#1C2837][size=2]I have no idea if, when or where I'm going to get this published. I guess I'll depend on someone to pick it up once it's done. Haven't thought that far yet really. It started as a pure hobby project afterall.
  5. MarcovonMoos

    "Frontiers" - sci fi action rpg

    Thanks! Yeah, I created all of it alone so far. Started with learning programming about 12 months ago - 3D isn't new to me since I have a background in film, but I had to learn different things to do gameready modelling that works well within the engine. As for the release - I have zero idea to be honest. Didn't think that far ahead. This has just been something that's been in my head for a long time and I started it. I expect to be working on it for quite a while seeing I'm still at the beginning. I also haven't decided how or where I'm going to release it - I'll wait to see how far I get and how good it gets. The idea is that there's an RTS overlay over the entire game: The player will build up his own faction, hire crew, buy ships and eventually conquer, buy or diplomatically reign the entire game-universe consisting of several planets ruled by 3 or 4 different factions. That's what's driving you, to achive that goal. The way there is completely open and varies from play to play. You'll be able to fly around with your ship Wing Commander style as well as land on each planet in the style you see in the video above, hire crewmembers, build up a fleet, wage wars, help others etc. You can talk to every character you meet and they will progress the "story" forward by chosing one out of many many possible things that could happen. Some are very short stories in the manner of simple quests, others are longer and have direct influences over many of the variables that shape and control each of the planet, each of the factions and the universe as a whole. A bit like "making the story up on the go". So there's a script that can continuously pick new storylines and ways the people, factions and planets will behave. Something along those lines.
  6. Hi everyone I was just pointed towards these forums, hence I wanted to introduce myself and my project. I started with learning coding about a year ago when I got unity and have since used much of my spare time to work on my first game. A science fiction RPG where I'd like to experiment with some ideas I've always had. Namely an open world with RTS elements and procedurally generated storyline content which will be different every time you play. So far, I've been doing everything myself from code to graphics to sound and it's been a very interesting and fun experience and a great learning and experimenting environment. I'm always looking for feedback so I thought I'd post my latest gameplay video here as well. Hope you enjoy. [media][/media]
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