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    Konginchains finished artworks and game assets

    thanks... i used zbrush for all these, but plan to incorporate mudbox into my workflow in my following works, especially for texturing
  2. [font="monospace"][color="#37864d"]Hi, I’m a full-time freelance artist with 6 yrs. work experience in the film and video gaming industry. I have contributed digital art services to numerous AAA next-gen game titles, film and animated features. To name a few of my top clients have been NaughtyDog, Sony, Nitrogames, EA, and the Weinstein Company. Some of the AAA game titles I’ve worked on are Uncharted 2 Among Thieves, Cutthroat, NCAA Football 2010, East India Company, Tiger Woods-PGA Tour 10.Visit the rest of my portfolio, here http://konginchains.wordpress.com/If you would like to contact me [COLOR=Yellow]jinseeker@yahoo.caJust like to show some of my finished works here at gamedev.net [/font]
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  4. Osgur- main villian for Unearthed : Trail of ibn battuta http://t.co/8s2oJzh
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