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  1. Oh, you can leave some feedback if you want. Much appreciated I heard some of your music from your website by the way "really" profressional sounding and nice
  2. One thing I found that helps is to [u]take your time[/u] and go through every single preset in your VST/sound library/etc and put the sounds that inspire you into a "favorite sounds" folder...This way when you go to make a new track you already have sounds you like at the ready without having to waste time trying to find a good sound during the creative process Takes patience but it's worth it..I found some diamonds in my libraries that I never knew were there. This is also an excellent cure to Producers block. www.OfficialMajesticMastermind.com
  3. No thanks. I don't take crititcism. Positive feedback is encouraged though
  4. A creative and unique atmospheric/ambient track I made using a mix of world percussion and electronic synths http://www.hulkshare.com/296ryi4734u8 Feel free to download. Enjoy
  5. This looks really good. Don't see anything wrong, it's crisp, clear and imaginative. Keep up the good work is all I have to say
  6. Hey Got_Rhythm..I think your storyline was perfect. It's different, unique, original, creative and imaginative. Keep going with it I like how you give the player choices which switches up the direction of the game...so that one you can play the game more than once.
  7. Sounds like a really creative and imaginative story. Keep building on it
  8. Relaxed concentration/focus seems to be the key to me. When my attention-span and focus is up I seem to flow through tracks better. Relax and focus on the music. Its all about having fun
  9. Something Wicked This Way Comes ---------------------------------------------- Really nice. Percussion is real fresh and crisp. Piano is nice also Also don't worry about your music being overly-realistic..nothing wrong with creativity and imagination Overall, really nice creative work and your music is perfect for games
  10. Hello my name is Lavontae..producing music under the alias "MajesticMastermind" I offer non-exclusively high-quality game music for indie game developers at www.OfficialMajesticMastermind.com/gamemusic All tracks only $19.95 each and you can use as many times as you like just credit me as "MajesticMastermind" I can also compose custom music for your game in any style/mood you want to bring your game creation to life. I can cover Cinematic Orchestral, Electronica ambiance, fantasy ambiance, dark ambiance, peaceful and relaxing tunes, catchy tunes, chiptune/8-bit retro, piano, hip hop, rap, Jazz/ Blues, and more to add the sparkle, immersion, and emotion your game needs I don't have a set rate for composing services, just let me know your budget and if it's reasonable, I'll provide a contract and get started on your game music as soon as possible. Here are some testimonials from previous happy clients [b]Testimonials [/b] “I was looking for a good music composer for an indie game that I am developing at the moment. Lavontae, after looking at the project came up with 7 excellent tracks in no time at all. Our mode of communication was only through e-mail and yet, he properly understood what I had in my mind. The results were excellent and I incorporated all the tracks in my game. If you want excellent music to be produced in no time at all, Lavontae is the person that you should pick. He has good communication skills, is creative and is able to produce totally different sounds that keep the overall experience fresh and lively.” [i] [/i][u][i]Top qualities: On Time, High Integrity, Creative[/i][/u] -Umair Khan “Lavontae is a great composer who takes your concept, and mixes his own ideas to produce a fantastic final product.” [i][u]Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity[/u][/i] - Orlando Rodriguez [b]Contact Info[/b] Email: majestic8390[at]gmail[dot]com Website: www.majesticmastermind.tumblr.com Twitter: @Majestic8390