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    Want to start design on a game

    Well I'm not planning to make bank on this so I think Blitz will be just fine for me Thanks for the help, and that was a really good analogy Hodgman haha.
  2. iggysmartbomb

    Want to start design on a game

    That's what I was planning on, but I have one specific question... is it viable to use BlitzMax to program a game? Like, say I completed it and it was relatively awesome, would I be able to use a game made through BlitzMax to submit to, say, Steam? Not that I plan to, but I don't want to buy a program I have no business using, you know? If it really is not a good idea to use Blitz, I will buy some books on C++ and begin learning through that, as C++ can be used for stuff other than games and will be helpful anyways.
  3. I am very inexperienced with all programming, just a little in C++, and made a game or two in BlitzMax, but I have a plan for a game that I would love playing. I realize it would be a stretch, but I need all the help I can get on this. I'm not planning on making the next big success, but I don't really know where to start even for a game for me and my friends. Any suggestions on how I should go about accomplishing this? Maybe books or something to that sort? In case anyone is wondering, the game is similar to Fire Emblem in that if a character dies it is gone forever, as that is the best feature in an SRPG in my opinion. It has tons of other features to set it apart, although I'm not entirely sure how easy the will be to implement haha. Thanks in advance.
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