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  1. Gon

    Need Feedback on Portfolio?

    I would put something more neutral or game related background. I also find the overaul look to much modern 1990 website. Something less agressive in the choice of themes and colours. For example: https://jogamp.org/ Also would improve the CV. Sugestion: https://github.com/g-amador/Awesome-CV
  2. Gon

    C# Breaking ocean waves

    Hi, not sure if you know but there are 4 great types of whater simulation: (Navier-Stokes-based) -Eulerian aproach (Jos Stam sable fluids and a few others are the main works regarding this 2D/3D) -Shallow water equations (near shore waves and rivers 2.5D) -Particle simulation (breacking waves, foam, etc) (LBM-based somewat statistic-based approach) Grid simulation with no breaking waves or other effects exclusive to particles Some links with code or books for your consideration: Fluid Simulation for Computer Graphics, Second Edition code available for chapters of book 1 at https://github.com/g-amador/incremental-fluids-java (I ported to java and include links to c++ original author code) https://www.cs.ubc.ca/~rbridson/fluidsimulation/ http://matthias-mueller-fischer.ch/realtimephysics/
  3. Hi, I'm maitaining my Java game engine done during my PhD as a hobby now. https://github.com/g-amador/JOT I would like to exchange ideias with you regarding respective projects. Feel free to e-mail me or skype etc. g.n.p.amador@gmail.com gnpa_skype.
  4. I made a Java modular game engine during my PhD. I have a few extra physics features/demos currently broken that I hope to release again end of the year. Case you're interested in using it to port to C++ ou C# https://github.com/g-amador/JOT Not interested in programming but doubts regarding specific algorithms fell free to ask.
  5. Gon

    Main classes on game engine.

    https://github.com/g-amador/JOT Click on link to the the article. But resuming: Game engine is a term. Historically, it arose from the need to reuse games code and not building them from scratch. In short, a game was made but some sort of personalization was allowed to make another game (e.g., FPS engine you changed the damage and sprites for models scenarios and voila another game). Latter specific tools to make games where developed to build generic games, providing modules for components often needed in games (Unity Engine). Often a AAA game engine (Unreal engine) is the great great great grandchild of a game that became an engine and was re-re-re-re-re-engineered. This is a generic overview of what is a game engine.
  6. Gon

    Question on finding contact point

    " The use of SAT or GJK algorithms for collision detection is employed for detection among triangulated meshes. For a AABB or OBB this might seam overkill. However, for more generic solutions SAT or GJK algorithms are employed. In fact, some physics engines do low level colision detection with AABB or OBB and do high level colision detection with SAT or GJK. However, due to the time it takes to compute for multiple meshes unless there is a technique for reducing the amount of inter-triangle colision tests this is slow to compute at interactive rates.
  7. Fair point. Also, glad you already knew the link.
  8. Cool. I made parser in mine for Java. Undergoing replacing it with the Java binding of Assimp http://www.assimp.org/index.php My suggestion is that you do the same with the C# binding. Additionally if you want to add more features: http://www.wazim.com/Collada_Tutorial_1.htm http://www.wazim.com/Collada_Tutorial_2.htm
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