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  1. I GOT IT. I used run administrator as and the system works! I think there is a glitch that makes the 29 days in to 30 days, XD.
  2. Can't get the file to work... Still looking for ways. Also, I'm already ordering math books online, so I think asking my dad to order python books will take a while.
  3. So, the book depends on you purchasing a licence for a piece of software to be useful? Are you sure it doesn't include a licence in the book or something? It does seem like a dirty trick to get kids to buy stuff. [/quote] I never knew about the 30 day program, I never even heard about it, that it just provided with a CD of the program that it was doing. Wow, I think that was a dirty trick, more messed up that I got the book from this website. http://www.gamedev.net/page/books/index.html/_/for-beginners-21/game-programming-for-teens-r720 Now I'm pissed that I have to buy the program blitz that doesn't sell anymore because of how old it is. D:<
  4. So I finally got the book and was excited that I can begin to do some programming. I downloaded the demo of blitz and had a good time reading, but by the time I was on page 12 something weird happened. I got the program blitz and by the time I clicked the program, it said that my 30 - day got expired! So I was looking all over the web , but their was nothing that talked about it but people with similar problem and gotten no answers. SO what do I do?
  5. I don't remember telling anyone I was from Argentina, but I live in America; sadly in MIami, where I can't find one game company...
  6. Hmmmm, never knew people do it for the money.
  7. Thanks for the reply, though I too never heard that the game industry caring about the degree of the people. But since off ton of people wanting to be a game designer, developer, I would want to find a way to get more above than everyone by showing a degree like M.I.T. And I know that MIT is competitive and expensive, but thanks to my scholarships I could go to a University like that. Also I do a ton of curricular activities and AP classes that might make me have a chance to MIT; I think my biggest chance is because I'm from Argentina and there's less than 10 that students in Argentina in MIT, and they would like to get more diverse students.
  8. I had to start a new account to join the forums, can I have an explanation that what did I do bad?
  9. I am completely new in the idea of programing. Although I do know a bit from HTML and Python, I was wondering what should I do to be good in programming. For example, I would like to ask these questions, and if they are already putted, can I get a link to it. 1.) What programs should I be starting to do? 2.) Is blender a good program? 3.) How do I get better in designing games? 4.) What books should I buy or watch videos on programming? I want to learn as much as possible so I could be a game designer, but I'm 15, and I want to start learning now then later
  10. Hello, I registered to this site a long time ago but got carried away with schoolwork and such, but I was asking a question. I am 15 yet I'm doing great with my grades and keeping up to get my GPA high and straight A's. But as much as I love having good grades, I was wondering about what college should I take. I hope in this community people won't scream to go to Full Sail University for a $100,000 for a game design degree, I was wondering what colleges are also recommended to do for game design. And do those colleges have good expectation of actually doing well in the game industry. Also on side of that, I was wondering that If I get a degree in computer science in MIT if I choose to go there will It be a boost on doing well on the game industry? I hope I could get a reply as soon as possible, thanks.
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