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  1. Hey there, so basically I'm working on converting a game server (written in VB6), that saves account information locally, to one that saves in through MySQL. I'd prefer not having to do this (as it seems like a lot of work), but if so, is there an efficient way to do this? Am I better off just leaving the server file as is? Here's the source for the game server Sub LoadPlayer(ByVal index As Long, ByVal Name As String) Dim filename As String Dim F As Long Call ClearPlayer(index) filename = App.Path & "\data\accounts\" & Trim(Name) & ".bin" F = FreeFile Open filename For Binary As #F Get #F, , Player(index) Close #F End Sub Any and all help/criticism/advice is welcome!
  2. tfinck

    Converting local to SQL

    Sorry about the code, all the functions are relevant, ban lists, adding players, removing players. I'll just isolate the section I would say is most important. I assume saving account information to a database, rather than a simple text file, is much safer. This is how the current source saves account information Click here for image I just want some better protection. I understand that I'd have to connect to the database in question Private Sub cmdConnectMySQL_Click() Dim cnMySql As New rdoConnection Dim rdoQry As New rdoQuery Dim rdoRS As rdoResultset cnMySql.CursorDriver = rdUseOdbc cnMySql.Connect = "uid=YourUserName;pwd=YourPassword; server=YourServerName;" & _ "driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver}; database=YourDataBase;dsn=;" cnMySql.EstablishConnection With rdoQry .Name = "selectUsers" .SQL = "select * from user" .RowsetSize = 1 Set .ActiveConnection = cnMySql Set rdoRS = .OpenResultset( rdOpenKeyset, rdConcurRowVer) End With ' loop through the record set ' processing the records and fields. Do Until rdoRS.EOF With rdoRS ' your code to process the fields rdoRS.MoveNext End With Loop ' close record set ' close connection to the database rdoRS.Close cnMySql.Close End Sub But what else needs to go into it?
  3. Hey there, I've been learning SDL lately, and trying to make a function to optimize images for output, but I'm having some problems. Firstly, this is the function that I have SDL_Surface *load_image(std::string filename) { //Temporary storage for the image that's loaded SDL_Surface* loadedImage = NULL; //The optimized image that will be used SDL_Surface* optimizedImage = NULL; //Load the image loadedImage = SDL_LoadBMP( filename.c_str() ); //If nothing went wrong in loading the image if( loadedImage != NULL ) { //Create an optimized image optimizedImage = SDL_DisplayFormat( loadedImage ); //Free the old image SDL_FreeSurface( loadedImage ); } //Return the optimized image return optimizedImage; Now this seems all good and whatnot, but I get these errors. C:\Documents and Settings\Home\Desktop\SDLg1\MiniSpriteGameSDL\main.c|17|error: syntax error before ':' token| C:\Documents and Settings\Home\Desktop\SDLg1\MiniSpriteGameSDL\main.c||In function `load_image':| C:\Documents and Settings\Home\Desktop\SDLg1\MiniSpriteGameSDL\main.c|26|error: `filename' undeclared (first use in this function)| C:\Documents and Settings\Home\Desktop\SDLg1\MiniSpriteGameSDL\main.c|26|error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once| C:\Documents and Settings\Home\Desktop\SDLg1\MiniSpriteGameSDL\main.c|26|error: for each function it appears in.)| ||=== Build finished: 4 errors, 0 warnings ===| I honestly have been scratching my head at it for a while :\
  4. tfinck

    SDL Help

    Hmm yeah, I see what you mean there, on top of that, it seems the benchmarks between SMFL and SDL are also OpenGL vs Software rendering. I'm sure a benchmark using OpenGL with SDL would warrant better results no? (As I believe SDL does support OpenGL)
  5. tfinck

    SDL Help

    I looked at SFML too, and yeah, it is a lot better. [color="#006600"][font="Courier,"]1/ Test : sprites SDL displayed 9 frames SFML displayed 303 frames --> SFML is 3366% faster than SDL 2/ Test : alpha-blended sprites SDL displayed 5 frames SFML displayed 216 frames --> SFML is 4320% faster than SDL 3/ Test : rotating sprites SDL displayed 3 frames SFML displayed 277 frames --> SFML is 9233% faster than SDL 4/ Test : static text SDL displayed 416 frames SFML displayed 6092 frames --> SFML is 1464% faster than SDL 5/ Test : dynamic text SDL displayed 363 frames SFML displayed 948 frames --> SFML is 261% faster than SDL[/font] [/quote] Seems much faster, but I thought I'd learn both anyways, just to broaden horizon a bit.
  6. tfinck

    SDL Help

    Yeah haha and I just noticed that too! Thanks for pointing that out, now I feel kind of silly
  7. tfinck

    SDL Help

    Yes, I did. And I actually managed to get rid of the majority of problems. (simply changed the load_image(std::string filename to load_image(char* filename) and removed the c_str as it was pointless. I think the tutorial I'm following is fairly old, and some of the functionality must be broken (not the first problem I've had with it). Thanks for the reply though!
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