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  1. Does anyone happen to know a lawyer I could talk to about writing up a non-disclosure agreement and other crap like that for my game development team to sign
  2. k i'm going to nku
  3. damn I should have planned for these literally impossible errors in my code
  4. Unfortunately as I said the errors just pop up and vanish mysteriously so the only possible way for me to catch one would be to record my screen while working and upload the video of it happening I guess.   But based on what I'm reading, it sounds like a bad idea to send multiple packets in quick succession that I need to arrive in order with UDP, which is one thing I'm doing.  Is it a better idea to condense data into one UDP packet then split it up after it's received?  For example something like   byte[ ] { Packet ID, value 1, value 1, value 1, value 2, value 2, value 2, }   as opposed to   byte[ ] { Packet ID } byte[ ] { value 1, value 1, value 1 } byte[ ] { value 2, value 2, value 2, }   If so then what kind of conventions should I use to indicate the data type and the start/end of a value?  Also, can you help me understand how sending a UUID will let the program know that the packets were duplicated, lost or out of order?
  5. I'm pretty much at a total loss here.  I tried all day yesterday and all night last night to figure out what the hell is wrong with my code but now I'm thinking there's actually a little gremlin in my computer nibbling on the CPU.  I was following along with this tutorial series:      until I decided to pause it and make my own custom Packet class.  It was working fine for a while but then some really weird stuff started to happen.  Basically what's happening is the data sent between client and server is getting jumbled up somehow when it is received (I confirmed that the data was correct before it was sent).  This happens at seemingly random points and now I'm baffled   For example I had the line:   System.out.println( m_Game.m_aConnectedPlayers[ intPlayerID ].GetUserName( ) + " has joined." );   and changed it to   System.out.println( m_Game.m_aConnectedPlayers[ intPlayerID ].GetUserName( ) + "(" + intPlayerID + ") has joined." );   to include the player ID, and then the packet data was getting scrambled up when I connected to the server with a third client.  Also even as I typed this I decided to go back and test it again and the error stopped happening.  I'll grant +100 internet points to whoever can somehow figure this out.  I've attached my entire project (excuse my messy code)
  6. So I'm writing my first game in Java, and I'm following a tutorial series on Youtube.  I've come to a point where I'm going to start cleaning up the code before I move on.  One thing the tutorial says to do that doesn't seem very wise is to declare new variables in the tick( ) and render( ) methods that run dozens of times per second.  Wouldn't using class level variables in the tick and render functions be faster because the program can skip the creation and deletion of said variables.     Another thing that I was going to do was encapsulate all of my class level variables.  My college professor said it is a good practice and he actually made us do it.  Eventually I learned to like the consistency of only using get/set methods when accessing class level variables.  However, in game programming, I've had lots of variables so far that are never accessed outside the class.  Should I only make get/set methods for variables accessed outside the class?  Do get/set methods hurt performance at all?   Thanks
  7. Last call if anyone wants to join my game development team before we get started on my first project - we have musicians and graphic artists, we could use some writers and someone good with animation
  9. Does anyone know anything about poetic meter, I need some help with an assignment real quick
  10. should I go to UC or move to Australia
  11. JoeBoris

    Hello where do I find a team

    Hi, I'm Joe.  I'm 19 years old, studying software engineering in college and getting into game development as a hobby.  Planning on doing it as a career someday too.  I made a few games in game maker in high school and I have a couple websites up that I just made in my free time for fun. I enjoy video games and staying up all night watching movies and long walks on the bea- wait   Anyway I was just posting here to introduce myself and inquire about what forum I should post in to look for team members.  I'm starting out in unity3d but idk what platform I'll be doing yet.  Just need a few artists, preferably one or more of the following: someone who can do 3D models, some kind of landscape artist, and a musician   Thanks a lot
  12. JoeBoris

    Where would you rather live?

    hm I should have specified basic supplies like food and water
  13. JoeBoris

    Where would you rather live?

    If they know you're in there they can find a way in eventually though
  14. JoeBoris

    Where would you rather live?

    Silent Hill or Racoon City? Where would you rather live and why? You have no chance of escaping, nor contact with the outside world in either. You also have unlimited basic supplies in both (food, water, and weapons from shops) Edit: Also Racoon City has ALL the viruses, and Silent Hill has most of the enemies.
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