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  1. I think it’s quite serious situation if you receive 10 update at once. It means, update delivery time between clients to server to client will take 0.5 second. You need to find out where it came from. Firstly check latency between client and server. If latency is more than 0.5 second, timestamping will be good solution. However you need to check out where that problem came from like client’ can’t send correctly or server couldn’t receive correctly or server can’t send correctly or client can’t receive correctly. Please check network traffic and CPU usage on host OS of Virtual box. I think it’s unnecessary to check on Guest OS side.
  2. Nettention

    Indie MMORPG test server general question

    If it is completed server program, it has to handle more than several con-current users on your computer. I handled 11,000 con-current users with 1 server and 1 running process on the computer. Here is what I did. - Server & multiplayer engine "ProudNet" - Simple MMORPG sample - Windows 2008 Server - 60Kbps traffic per client - Xeon 2.6Ghz, 16GB RAM You can use any OS whatever you want beginning of development. However it is necessary using Windows Server or Linux to handle many con-current users. I’m not sure about Windows 7 but if con-current users are increased more than several hundred with Windows XP, OS performance will be decreased.
  3. Normally frame rate is 60 for general games. 16ms is very similar as 1/60 second. It is just small latency. I think an error range will be just 1 frame. You don’t even need to worry with 16ms. For example between South Korea (where I live in[font="Arial"]J) to China latency is around 40~50ms but it’s still ok. [/font] However 200ms is not ok. Say like FPS game, player can’t play game with 200ms latency. If players are located in nearby each other but server is located in far from those players, you may need P2P communication between players. (It’s ProudNet’s specialty!) From my experience, I can say normally less than 20ms in local communication within same country. Also I experienced 40~100ms latency between two countries. If players are located more than 2,000km each other then you may see huge latency. This is why many online games are using separate server for each country.
  4. Nettention

    Host - Clients connection

    [font="?? ??"]I think, it is incorrect to usage of non-blocking socket.[/font] [font="?? ??"]You should call accept when FD_ACCEPT has arrived first, otherwise you can’t get valid socket. [/font]
  5. I think this problem occur from bug that somewhere in client networking module or server programme. Try optimization your code first. And check CPU usage as well. Also check your network traffic, I recommend less than 1KB for total traffic usage which is from client to server.
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