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    Swedish guy wants to learn.

    Check, gonna check it out later. Thanks for all the help. Loved the building a house example in the link you sent "If it makes any difference, it's a square house." = Priceless.
  2. Klomster

    Swedish guy wants to learn.

    Sweet. I was roughly right it seems with the beginning. Gonna get right to updating my document. Should i post it here later?
  3. Klomster

    Swedish guy wants to learn.

    Harsh but fair Tom Sloper, harsh but fair. Well i am going on a depression medication soon, so perhaps nr 2 will get a bit better then. As for DiogoP, i am in the process of making a simple PDF file with the main concept of the game, although it's a bit messy since i don't really know how to make a pro layout. As for the two final questions. I do not havy any university degree, and it would be swell to be in the industry, but i don't have the requirements. I would love to take a private course in something related, but sweden, and espescially where i live have quite strange games courses, mostly studying and using them as an artform, nothing really that seems to be about making them. Unless i quit my job and move several hundreds of kilometers. Which i'm not to inclined to do.
  4. Greetings fellows, i am known as Klomster to most. I have a problem though. I really want to make games, and by make games i mean knowing how to best approach my game idea, what platform of creation i should use and have someone who can teach me how to do things. So at the moment, i have a really cool idea, a sort of revolutionary fps game (i know, they all are in the commercials, but this is rather different) The problem is, that the only things i can do is come up with looks of different factions, background and draw some sorta good looking concept art for them, i feel that i can easily project my idea towards, perhaps a 3D modeller and get what the style of the character itself will be. I have tried 3ds max, but i've run into problems i don't really know how to explain, and solve, but have created a model that at least looks somewhat human. But it needs tweaking. I can also work some basic ideas through photoshop, i can edit pictures to some extent, and dramatically change how a picture is composed. But not very neat in my opinion, an i need some extra work to get it pretty. I have the ability that in an instant, come up with a whole setting, and then flesh it out with extra content over time. So you might see my problem here, i have passion and an idea. But no means to create what i want. I'm sorta halfassed about everything, i can make some models if i set my mind to it and someone helps me iron out the problems. It won't be the best models though unless i practise. I can make photoshop things, but nothing heavyweight. I have a bad habit of giving up on things too, if i run into a problem, the project can severily crash and burn, even if it is a really simple problem that if i knew what was wrong, and someone told me personally how to correct it, i would be fine. I guess what i want is a private mentor, or someone who would like me as a concept and story arc designer. Know any such people? Preferably in northern sweden
  5. Think positive, it will soon be worse.
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