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  1. Well it looks like I have plateaued in my weight lost. I have been the same weight for three days now. I have lost body fat so at least I'm still losing something with the diet. I still have one more week to go before I begin my second phase of this self imposed diet plan. I will wait the week just see if the just change your food and lose 20lbs in 4 weeks plan really works.
  2. Got to love that relaxing sound of rain and lightning.
  3. Great my cellphone's backup battery dies and the main one has disappeared. This is not looking like it's going to be a good day....
  4. It was glad to wake up and realized that even though I pigged out on my allowed food I still lost 3 lbs in one day.
  5. Have a great time catching up with Cassie Chhoeun, Rose Pollick, Richard Pollick.
  6. Man I didn't think I had that much of the game written down. I'm at 1800+ words and I'm not even half done writing down the infrastructure and algorithm requirements. Anyone looking to volunteer for an open source video game?
  7. About to watch "The Brave" with the munchkins since b-day girl asked for it as gift.
  8. Nice, 80% complete on testing and the browser crashes. Time to start all over again. That was 3hrs wasted.... *sigh*
  9. Currently there are 15 locations and I don't see it changing that often for now. I just want to have a system in place for future growth.
  10. I have a location map and I have created a 2D Matrix based on the currently existing entries where each rows and cols are the names of the location and the cell value are the number of hops to that destination. This matrix will shrink and grow as I add and remove locations from the DB. Loc1|Loc2|Loc3|Loc#| Loc1| 0 | 2 | 1 | # | Loc2| 2 | 0 | 1 | # | Loc3| 1 | 1 | 0 | # | Loc#| # | # | # | # | I figured could create a table with locations and number of hops and just create an entry for each possible combination but that would quickly eat up memory or HDD space as the list grows i.e. Distance { Origin Destination Hops } My question is, Is there a way to accomplish this more efficiently? The game is web-based so I want to find a solution that will not kill my bandwidth as users make their selections and attempt to find the quickest route to take to their final destination.
  11. ElCas

    Economics for trading

    I like this approach. The problem I see with is that this method is over kill for what I need for the game. The only factors that are in play are demand and available local supply. I could maybe add something like this down the line.
  12. ElCas

    Economics for trading

    This looks simple to implement the only thing I would have to figure out is an equation to set the newFactor to a negative value when the quantity available exceeds the maxQuantity that way it drives the price below the gloablPrice when players attend to flood the local market. I like how the 1/x function looks but as you said it would take some trail and error to fine tune the equation to generate the right curve to fit my needs. And since I was just trying to make a quick and simple approach, Viscis method seems to be the quickest to implement and tweak as abuses by players is noticed.
  13. Hello, I am currently creating a browser game in my spare time. The premise is that you are a freelance cargo hauler. My problem is coming up with a way to control trade value of a resource based on location. I have several destinations and they have their export and import resources. So the players would want to take Resource A from a Location A to Location B because Location B is importing it and therefore has a higher demand for the resource (read: More $ per Ton). Obviously as more and more players deliver Resource A to Location B this would cause the buy price to go down (More supply Same Demand). I can't seem to come up with a mathematical formula to calculate the buy price for each Resource on a global level as well as a local level. The global buy price would be the base price at all locations and if any location has a higher demand for said resource then this would obviously drive the price up. I the nearest thing I came up with was GlobalResource[x].Price = ##.## If local market is importing then Resource[x].Price = GlobalResource[x].Price * (1 + Demand_factor) else Resource[x].Price = GlobalResource[x].Price I don't know how to calculate the change for global price and how to calculate the demand factor. Any help on the subject would be appreciated.
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