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  1. I've been playing a lot of shadow warrior 2 lately with the gamepad and I'm loving the hell out of it. However, it got me thinking about gamepad controls for these kinds of games. First person games rely on both triggers to handle the action (LT to Iron Sights, RT to fire weapon). In First person melee games, RT is ALWAYS the attack button but Left trigger is always different depending on the game . There are two methods developed for these kinds of games and I like to know which ones you think is the best. -Left Trigger to Block/Parry Examples: Skyrim (when not duel wielding) Chivalry medieval Warfare Dark messiah of might and magic Condemned 1 Riddick : escape from butcher bay War hammer end times ? (Not sure, checked it out but never played it) -Left Trigger for other attacks Examples: Shadow Warrior 2 (special sword attacks) Skyrim (when duel wielding) Zeno clash (powerful left punch) Dishonored (has a block button but mapped to Right bumper, Left trigger is used for powers and guns) Dead island / dying light (LT is used for throwing weapon) If you were to develop a first person game going on consoles with a huge emphasis on melee combat, what would you use the left trigger for? Also, I double posted by accident. Whoever said in charge here, can you get rid of the duplicate thread? Thanks.
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