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  1. New to Java first project.

    Wait I found something when I right click on the file and select run it runs successfully, I was using the Run option on the main menu bar and when I triend using that run option it still had an error is there a difference between those two type of run commands?
  2. New to Java first project.

    I'm using JDK and Netbeans along with a book that teaches how to program using java.
  3. New to Java first project.

    sorry I'm not catching on >.< to start off simple do I need to rewrite the code I wrote or is it another problem?
  4. New to Java first project.

    Sorry the book I'm using gives me those exact lines to code and I did it down to the letter but I'm not sure what the poster above me mant by the file name has to be named Magamar. I don't understand what you posted could you break it down into something simple? I can post a SS of what I'm doing but I don't know how I'm on windows 8. typing public class didn't work @.@ still at a lost.
  5. New to Java first project.

    so it should be public class if I understand you correctly? And thank you for your reply!
  6. New to Java first project.

    Hello,   I just started learning programming and I'm using java and I'm running into a issue getting the code to work. Here's the code I'm using:   / /create a class named Magamar public class Magamar { / /this is the main method public static void main (String[] args) { / /this prints whatever is below. System.out.println("Hello World")  } }   Now I can get this code to build but not run, when I run it I run into this error:   Error: Could not find or load main class magamar.Magamar Java Result: 1   I don't know what is wrong, can some one point out to me my error?