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  1. Just encountered the Red bull police, handing out free red bull :/
  2. Half me bumper splitter fell off on the motor way, fml
  3. Seen 2 twats riding mopeds from newhaven thinking it's a good idea to take up both lanes through bishopstone so you gotta overtake them in the third lane. flashing their lights, what cocks. Bring on their corsa's next year
  4. good guitar lesson (Y), two more songs to me list!
  5. Just dropped my iphone 4ft onto concrete! Not even a scratch hah beut
  6. worst NYE ever, wish I went to Brighton with Lewis Banks & Katie Dittle Lucas
  7. Casual bit of guitar whilst i wait for the bath to run
  8. Drank waay too much last night and still need to go xmas shopping
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