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  1. Bah, I'm thinking about dumping CEGUI. I'm going to try Ogre3D with MyGUI.
  2. What language? I would personally use an ADT array but that's just me
  3. tplague

    RTS Pathing Issues (A*)

    1. Only draw one sprite of them when they all reach the node, have a death sprite for when one dies and regenerate another sprite for however many there are. 2. Someone had a similar problem which can be viewed here: http://stackoverflow...-a-pathing-code I think that when you are looking for the next "currentNode", you should not start with lowestF = (nodes[currentNode].g + nodes[currentNode].h); because that value, in principle, will (always) be lower-or-equal-to any other nodes in the open-set. Just start with the value of std::numeric_limits<int>::max() or some very large number, or use a priority queue instead of an std::vector to store the nodes (like std::priority_queue, or boost:_ary_heap_indirect). I'm pretty sure that is the problem. And since your heuristic can very often be equal to the actual path-distance obtained, there is a good chance that following nodes in the open-set turn out to have the same cost (g+h) as the currentNode. This would explain why certain paths get explored and others don't and why it gets stuck. [/quote] And thanks for pointing me in the direction of 'std::priority_queue' and 'boost:_ary_heap_inderect'.[/quote]
  4. EDIT: Solved! Had to update CEGUI
  5. Tried your previous post pulpfist, didn't work. Also, using all release libs
  6. EDIT: Solved! Had to update CEGUI
  7. Ah sorry, a little burnt out from looking at the screen for hours. Pushed = GameOptionsWindow->getChild("GameOptions/Button/Continue"); And yes, the layout exists and is setup correctly :\
  8. EDIT: Solved! Had to update CEGUI
  9. Breaks on this: Pushed->subscribeEvent(PushButton::EventMouseClick, Event::Subscriber(&GameOptions::Pushed, this)); Hmm...I wonder why :\
  10. Great responses guys! I believe I will make a "mock-up" within C# and if I ever need to, I will port it over to C++. I will however be writing C++ here and there as counter-parts to my C# code just so I have my own little database going.
  11. EVE was written mostly in Python? Wow! I've seen some benchmarks where C++ uses less memory and C# uses almost double at times...
  12. I don't want this to become a flame war and yes, I did search. It seems that most people believe that XNA C# runs slower than C++. I could make a game way faster through XNA and I do know enough C++ to get by...but which would YOU take on for a 300-500 multiplayer game? I want to have options open for the players (i.e. very low settings and very high). Thoughts?
  13. tplague

    Asset packing and realtime extraction?

    I guess I worded it wrong...I'd like to compile all of the folders into one asset library that only my engine could call (i.e. a compressed asset library and some type of hash check by the engine verifying that the library is original). I am developing my own game engine in C++.
  14. Hello all, I'm wondering, what's the preferred method of doing this? As in, say I have the asset folders "models", "sounds", "images"...is there a way I can securely pack them into a custom way which can't be read except by my game engine?
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