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  1. I've made a bit of a 2(supports many players) -player prototype game, and it's kind of fun for what it is. The idea came from Team Fortress's 2 tennis mod or whatever it's called. Here's a little demo: But, that's all it is and I'd like to expand further on the concept. I don't really know where to take it from here, apart from adding a couple of challenge levels, some interesting maps with different types of rockets and a lot of them and some system that drops power up. But, it's still all based on one meager concept which I find kind of hard to expand upon. Any ideas?
  2. Ecoste

    Where to take this from here?

    Sorry, it might not be super clear from the video. Basically, those things rotating the players are hearts, and when you get hit then 1 heart goes away. Soccer actually seems to be a great idea with this kind of game, thanks a lot for that suggestion I'll definitely implement it once I get some time. I also thought about different characters, but not sure what each one should feature. I'll see.
  3. Ecoste

    Animation program?

    Hello, I'm looking for an animation program that's geared towards game developers. Right now, I'm using Photoshop and the game engine's animation features but they're both very limited.   For example, I made 4 stars in PS, and then I have to rotate them all inside the game engine to create this:   http://imgur.com/ZWULTJf     But, that's 4 rotating objects and grouping them all the time is a pain. I just want to have one object with 50 frames instead of 4 rotating objects with 50 frames.   Anyway, any recommendations?
  4. I've always wondered about advertising mobile apps. The only ads I ever see for them is on other apps or some crappy site pop-ups. Maybe on FB as well, but I've never had a Facebook account, so I have no idea. I mean, you can't expect many downloads if you just put it on the app store and leave it be. Are there companies that specialize in this kind of promotion?
  5. Ecoste

    Animation program?

      Often an alternate solution for a desired effect can be suggested if you post what you want to achieve, rather than how you want to achieve it. That would require information such as what platform/OS and API you're using.   If you "just want" to have one object instead of 4, can you explain why you can't do that?   I want to have 1 object because its tidier and easier to deal with. Also because I would like software like this in case I need a feature like this in the future. I'm certain most software have this, but I was just illustrating what I'm broadly going to be using the software for. For example the software 'Spine' is heavily geared towards skeleton animation, I won't be using that much, so I don't want software that is primarily focusing on it.   Basically, I'm looking for a Photoshop that makes animation easier. To make animated backgrounds, explosions, whatever else.   Thanks!
  6. Hey gamedev, I've been working on this game on-and-off for a long time now. It's basically a runner where you need to press buttons at the right time to advance. Anyway, I decided to add a 2 phase system. For example when you're in phase 1, you can only collide with blue platforms. When you're in phase 2, you can only collide with red platforms. It used to be only 1 phase, but it was kind of boring. Now, the problem is that it is very unclear in which phase you're in at the moment. I need some more visual representation. Video of game:  (Background music picked up ) Game : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ev2tput1g6mq9y2/game.exe?dl=0 (ctrl to switch phases, space to jump. Sorry for the crappy levels.) Yeah, to me right now it looks very unclear in which phase you're at. I tried changing the player colour depending on what phase you're in, but it looked very derp and didn't help. A while ago I tried a border, but it was very epileptic and unappealing. Also, the levels look dead. When I add a lot of platforms to them they look a lot nicer, but the game becomes almost impossible to play because it becomes super hard. So yeah, if I can't get a more clear representation I will go back to no phases. Any suggestions on the matter? Thanks.
  7. basically in my game I'm firing a line. The line's anchor point is at the very bottom of it, and half of its width.   When I fire the line, its rotation gets set to face where we want it to go. Then, with each frame of the game, the height of the line increases and it looks like the player is firing a laser.   Here's the code for the initial setting-up to fire and later move the laser. Javascript, using PIXIJS.       function fireLazor(mouseData){ firing = true; slopeY = (player.y - mouseData.global.y) / (player.x - mouseData.global.x); slopeX = (player.x - mouseData.global.x) / (player.y - mouseData.global.y); lazor.rotation = lazorRadians; lazor.x = player.x; lazor.y = player.y;     }   Alright, now that the laser is set to go all we need to do is increase its height and it will go in the direction we set it to go.     if(firing){ lazor.height += lazorAcceleration * DELTA_TIME;     }   Now, that all works fine and dandy. Here's a visual to help.   I first wrote some code to basically check the whole path of the laser and see if it hits something, IN ONE FRAME. It works perfectly, but it does so in one frame and the second we fire the laser. And obviously I need for it to check gradually as the laser travels.   The problem comes in when we want to collision check the front of the lazor to see if it hit something. We need to figure out what the co-ordinates of the front of the laser are. So, I thought that if we know the slope and the rate at which the height is increasing we can just do(simplified example that would run each frame, except of course without resetting the xtocheck and ytocheck to the player co-ordinates.)        ticks = lazorAcceleration / slopeY;     xToCheckForCollsion = player.x;     yToCheckForCollsion = player.y;          for(i = 0; i < ticks; i++){     xToCheckForCollsion += 1;     yToCheckForCollsion += slopeY;     }   I've tried multiplying, diving, both slopeY and slopeX, and other things I could possibly think of. Multiplying by delta time in different spots, ceiling and flooring, just don't know how else to twist it.   But, that doesn't work. The collision checks sometimes get ahead of the laser, sometimes they get behind it and etc.   Does anybody know how to get the front-coordinate of the laser? Or maybe even do this whole thing another way, I don't know.    Thanks!   SOLVED(not rly) Alright, instead of doing that I just did some geometry and rotated a point.   More can be found here. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12161277/how-to-rotate-a-vertex-around-a-certain-point
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