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  1. Currently, the platform is best suited for 2D games - single or multiplayer. RPGs like Diablo and Zelda work best with the implemented features, but much more is possible. Bit Whirl has many similarities with the now-closed Metaplace and with Second Life, in that its content is entirely created by its users. The features page ( https://www.bitwhirl.com/features ) explains the possibilities. We are looking for creative people with an idea for a game or other interactive virtual place. Offering free hosting to anyone who applies with a well formulated project and the intention to make it come true. As long as access to the game/virtual environment stays free, the hosting stays free (and as long as we have spare bandwidth of course). Sign up for a free account and contact us through our contact form ( https://www.bitwhirl.com/contact ). Thanks for your interest! - thestu
  2. searching for co-developers and virtual world builders, 2d animators.
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