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  1. Volux

    Language to learn first?

    Well I will just continue to follow the tutorials until I feel that I have a good understanding and try to make something myself. Thanks all.
  2. Volux

    Language to learn first?

    Your words truly open up to me. I really haven't put anything in perspective like this before and not only does it apply to programming, but life..you know what I mean? Anyways, thanks because I think this is great advice for anyone learning anything through tutorials. @boogyman - Yeah some people I know made a program Exactly like that that I have on my calculator. Maybe i'll look into that as well. @yckx - Yeah I saw some tutorials in the game development section for java about GUIs. Hopefully i'll get to it.
  3. Volux

    Language to learn first?

    Would you consider importing graphics an intermediate thing or beginner thing? I hope this guy with these videos makes it a beginner thing so I can start to create a game as simple as pong..
  4. Volux

    Language to learn first?

    So where would you suggest I go from here to get into 2d games and rpgs, or even simple games like pong and learning how to put graphics on the screen? Java? Will java teach me how to put graphics on the screen, or am I missing some language here that teaches me these skills? Thanks for the help guys, I REALLY appreciate it. Just a 16 year old with a goal.
  5. Volux

    Language to learn first?

    Well I guess I didn't really mean "useless crap", but I want to get to things that will push me towards to way of learning game programming rather than overall programming of any and all types of software that uses java.
  6. Volux

    Language to learn first?

    Haha no man, I understand what you mean and I like how you said it. That's entirely true. But would you suggest I continue to learn it from the tutorials or what? Where did you learn java (if you know it?), and if not, where did you learn your other stuff at? I know some HTML and CSS but really want to get into the hardcore depths of game programming. I realize I cannot just GET there without learning the basics and stuff, but I want to get there and learn it from a good source that teaches me what I need to know, rather than a bunch of useless crap.
  7. Volux

    Language to learn first?

    I'm learning the basics, and it really seems as if what I have learned means absolutely nothing. I understand that you have to learn how variables work and strings and such, but when am I going to actually put it together and do something that seems worth my time?
  8. So I have decided to take on the task of learning a programming language or two to start in order to create some games or whatnot. I have been learning from http://www.thenewboston.com/, from the JAVA section to learn Java. Do you think java is a good language to learn first for game programming? I understand I won't get into the game aspects until I finish the 60-some video tutorials this guy has, and then the Intermediate java tutorials. But just looking for some input. Thanks!
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