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    My game design theory work

    Hello! My name is Keith Burgun. I've been making games, writing articles and books, doing talks and most recently, making videos about game design. I'd like to introduce you to some of my work, if that's ok! I should mention that I designed the games 100 Rogues, Empire: The Deck Building Strategy Game, and most recently, Auro, which is out on Android now and will be out on iOS soon!   First: I recently started a video series called "3 Minute Game Design". I just started this series the other day - they're 3-minute long videos that go through game design stuff.   Episode 1 lays the groundwork for the conversation about game design. Episode 2 explains the fundamental taxonomy of interactive systems that I use.   I also have a bunch of articles up at my blog, Feel free to check that out - from there you can find my articles and even some talks I've done.   I hope people are getting something out of all this stuff. I'm trying to get support for my work through a Patreon campaign, so if it's valuable to you please consider becoming my patron! Thanks.
  2. Any Auro testers, you'll want to check out version 97 which just went up!
  3. You know that dusty-ass Wii that you bought back in 2007 and never, ever use? Nintendo wants you to buy ANOTHER Wii, now, only this time, it costs more money.
  4. KeithBurgun_50615

    Game Design Theory Podcast

    Hey everyone. My name is Keith Burgun. I'm a writer for Gamasutra, Dinofarm Games, as well as my own blog, I'm also a game designer, having released 100 Rogues and the recently-Kickstarted AURO. I also wrote my own book, called Game Design Theory: A New Philosophy For Understanding Games. But that's not what I'm here to tell you about! I've been doing a podcast about game design, called the Game Design Theory Podcast. We just recorded our fifth episode. Check it out and tell me if you like it, or if you have any other questions. It's probably best to start with episode 1, or even my Gamasutra article, "What Makes a Game?".
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