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  1. Imagine that you are thrown into a world 20 years after violent and bloody events, which swept across the whole continent as a wave of wars, crusades and unexplained assassinations. Now you become a centre of a conflict between ascendants of the first creators of the world. Choose your side in this conflict, choose your guild, family and chapter, and claim the holy land in their name, taking it back from the usurpers. You can join your friends and follow the path of lost artefacts from ancient legends. You can delve deep into this world’s history and benefit from its glory and wisdom. Know however that each and every move of yours is followed by enemies who await your moment of weakness. As soon as it happens, they will come and take what is the most precious to you. Will you dare to accept such a challenge? [size=8]Kickstarter Campaing! [media][/media] http://www.kickstart...medieval-mmorpg [media][/media] [media][/media] [media][/media]
  2. jog

    Affordable SFX Libraries

    Once again. Impressive!
  3. jog

    Affordable SFX Libraries

    I really enjoy your sounds. If I would be a game developr and need that kind of sounds I would surely buy them.
  4. jog


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garry_Schyman Game Voyeur (1993)
  5. jog

    Looking for beginner-level criticism

    The easiest way to start IMO is to start only with "white" notes. Then when you have more feeling you should use also black one. And you should start with another genre than orchestral music, which is really hard to begin with. Try something more electronical. And the main thing is to keep trying and learning. Just everytime you end your track think about what you have learned today.
  6. jog

    Too many offers?

    Sure can do. Moderator just should give them some "bad note" at their topic. Like "Be a fair. Bump you'r topic like rules say" and im sure some people would think twice before they would do it again. Or just Banzord
  7. jog

    Too many offers?

    Agree with you on that one - it's an arms race at the moment to see who can bump the most. It's making it difficult for honest posters to stick near the top of the listings as it's currently full of people just bumping their threads or announcing minor updates. I wonder if there should be some kind of new mandatory template for composers & sound guys that gives a lot more detail - previous projects, credits, etc - that way anyone shopping can see at a glance who's appropriate and who isn't. [/quote] There is already rule, if I remember right giving you two bumps with use at every time you want, and than you can bump once every two weeks. Which imo is really okay. Of course some people are just replying at their topic with things like "thanks for comment !" without even any update. Imo it should be just watched by moderator, thats all. 5 minutes of work everyday for someone. And this restricted rules should be mostly against us, music developers since we flood the "help" forum so much...
  8. jog

    Too many offers?

    I couldn't agree more with you guys. That's just stupid and devastating to agree to do music for free for commercial project. Also when I was fresh at gamedev scene I was bothered by guys making threads called like "Extremly Pro Composer" "PRO TURBO COMPOSER AAA" but now I find it just funny because 99% of them only have random low budged or even indie games and call themself AAA (trololol). And as you are moderator, that would be nice if you could check Help Wanted section from time to time because almost no one is respecting bump/multiple threads rules
  9. jog

    Any free sound effects programs?

    Another trick I used to do, if I new that all I was ever going to need in game was the radioized version was actually use a radio/walkie-talkie ($50 at radio shack). Put the mic right up against the earpiece of one in a quiet room and play the speech into the other [/quote] That would be a bit hardcore when you are "complete noob". But as other guys said, Audacity for the win!
  10. www.jangrochowski.pl
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