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  1. Hello. I would like to know how to get maxim range of joystick axis using SlimDX.   When I call: int temp = joystick.Properties.UpperRange;   I'm getting E_NOTIMPL exception.
  2. Hello. I'm making expansion for some game that only uses DirectDraw. I allrady have line drawing function, W2S(Project2D) and 3D box drawing. I would like to be able to for example rotate my 3D box or draw line that is show direction of aim of enemy. For all those I need to somehow transform, move and rotate my points around given point or axis. How to make it? I read many pages about 3D matrices and transformation. I came to conclusion that I should use DirectX Matrices. I thought about using that library: DirectXMath It has functions to crate and operate on matrices and vectors. I found those to classes. Should I use them. DirectX::XMFLOAT3 and DirectX::XMMATRIX and those functions: Functions List How should I use them? How to apply Matrix to my vector? Should I use those XMFLOAT3 everywhere in my program or can I use my own Vec3f and create some conversion functions? How to get rotation in specific axis (e.g. Z) from enemy camera vectors (vForward, vRight, vUp)? I was reading pages about matrices and 3D whole day yesterday and half of night. I really can't go any furher alone. Can you help me? Explain me some things? For example: I want to rotate my point Vec3f(10,14,23) around Z axis, 30 deg. Or I want to rotate that point the same about enemy player is rotated around Z axis.
  3. Hello. I want to use line class in my simple directx application. I'm using directx 9. Can you tell me how to use this class and what those properties and funcitons does: Begin() End() GLLines This would help me very much. The slimdx documentation is not very complete. You know any other better source of directx documentation tutorials please post here lint to that resource.
  4. Hello. I'm using SlimDX and C#. Can you tell me how to draw a simple line and pixel using directx9? I don't want this line to be textured, 3d or shaded or affect by lighting. I just want to draw simple 2d solid colored line and pixel.
  5. In my Initialize function I added: device.BeginStateBlock(); device.SetRenderState(RenderState.ZEnable, false); device.SetRenderState(RenderState.Lighting, false); device.SetRenderState(RenderState.CullMode, Cull.None); myStateBlock = device.EndStateBlock(); then I dispose that in my clean function. And In every frame at the beging after Clear(.....) i added myStateBlock.Apply(). Is this good?
  6. Hello. I want to set states in SlimDX Direct3d9 device. I have that code at the beging of frameRender function. device.BeginStateBlock(); device.SetRenderState(RenderState.ZEnable, false); device.SetRenderState(RenderState.Lighting, false); device.SetRenderState(RenderState.CullMode, Cull.None); device.EndStateBlock(); But I'm getting this error in debug window: Object of type SlimDX.Direct3D9.StateBlock was not disposed. Stack trace of object creation: I'm getting millions of those lines. All of them say the same thing. How should I dispose those states? How to make it in proper way?
  7. Hello. I created new form and executed MessagePump.Run(Form, loop) in new thread. How can I stop that messagepump? I want to close that window, and stop loop from running and terminate thread. I tried to use Close() method on that form. Form disappears but thread is still running mainloop all the time.
  8. I can record it. - ##mojang live on http://t.co/hscl3P1
  9. Hello. When I try to run my SlimDX project I'm getting this error. How to fix that? Mixed mode assembly is built against version 'v2.0.50727' of the runtime and cannot be loaded in the 4.0 runtime without additional configuration information.
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