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  1. I want tohelp play agility ball every day now lol
  2. More elective choosing madness. Seriously guys? Course guide still from the 2010-2011 school year? It would be great if it was all actually up to date so I know what I need to do to get a class. AP 3D Design, what's the prerequisite? Nobody knows because the course description doesn't say, and there isn't any obvious choice on the elective signup sheet. I've ended up emailing Mrs. Dyer to see if she can help, because she's the only one I've ever contacted that actually did anything.
  3. Stupid braces. Stabbing me in the cheek when I yawn. I guess it's time to get the wire cut again.
  4. First day of spring break and no homework? Definitely playing guitar.
  5. JasonBradley

    Getting zero with division of two integers?

    O ok, thanks guys, that was the problem. I assumed that because I was storing the result as a float that it wouldn't give me an integer result.
  6. I am trying to get health bars working correctly based on a ratio of the character's health to his maximum health. At first it works fine when his health is full, the bar is at it's full length. As soon as he has lost some health, the bar goes to zero even though the health value is not at zero. This is what I'm doing, copied directly from my code: IN MAIN GAME CLASS: spriteBatch.Draw(healthBar, new Rectangle((int)bottomGUIPosition.X + 520, (int)bottomGUIPosition.Y + 25, (int)(character.healthRatio * 200), (int)healthBar.Height), Color.White); spriteBatch.Draw(healthBarOutline, new Rectangle((int)bottomGUIPosition.X + 520, (int)bottomGUIPosition.Y + 25, 200, (int)healthBar.Height), Color.White); IN CHARACTER OBJECT CLASS: healthRatio = health / maxHealth; The variable healthRatio is a float, so I have no idea what the problem is. When the health is 145 and the maxHealth is 150, healthRatio should be set to .966667, but instead it goes to zero. The value is being updated in the character object every frame. I realize the code isn't very clean right now as too many things are hard coded in, but its just a prototype I started an hour or so ago, so please excuse the mess. Many thanks to whoever can enlighten me as to the cause of this issue.
  7. Crap, the first thing I managed to do when I picked up my guitar is snap a string... Sweet, now I get to spend 30 minutes putting on new strings again.
  8. Possibility of an mmo based on the Fallout series, sounds interesting.
  9. Is anyone decent with some art program that would be interested in making some game art for a quick little game I'm going to start working on? I might look into porting it over to Android and/or iPhone after I finish a PC version of it depending on its popularity. It'll be a lot of top down, not too terribly detailed stuff.
  10. Don't you just hate those times when your throat tries to choke you while getting a drink?
  11. Insidious was actually a pretty good suspense/thriller or whatever movie, even if it was only PG-13
  12. Apparently if you type graph and then an equation into Google, it will graph it for you.
  13. Just saying it'd be nice to have a relationship where you don't find out in the end you were being led on.
  14. Raining, great. Today is going to be a great day, you can already tell.
  15. I am re-addicted to Kingdom Hearts
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