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    SDL Setup in VS 2013

    This issue has been resolved. Thanks.
  2. Hey all,   I'm relatively new to C++ and VS 2013, so bear with me. A majority of my experience in programming has been in Java.   My end goal here is to make a very rough Missile Command clone just to get a feel for how things work in C++ and SDL.   I've been following along with this tutorial to get things set up, since I know nothing about how C++ compilers function and so on (I'm working on learning it).   The problem is, I'm having some difficulties with the linker. Copied below is the error output when I go to build.   1>------ Build started: Project: MissileCommand, Configuration: Debug x64 ------ 1>MissileCommand.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol SDL_GetError referenced in function SDL_main 1>MissileCommand.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol SDL_Init referenced in function SDL_main 1>MissileCommand.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol SDL_Quit referenced in function SDL_main 1>MSVCRTD.lib(crtexe.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol main referenced in function __tmainCRTStartup 1>F:\GameDev\MissileCommand\x64\Debug\MissileCommand.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 4 unresolved externals ========== Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ========== And here is the little test code (provided in the tutorial link) that I used:   #include <iostream> #include <SDL.h> int main(int argc, char **argv){ if (SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_EVERYTHING) != 0){ std::cout << "SDL_Init Error: " << SDL_GetError() << std::endl; return 1; } SDL_Quit(); return 0; } I'm guessing I missed something in the tutorial, but I'm not quite sure what. I'll continuing tinkering and post back if I find the solution.   Thanks, Morley  
  3. Morley

    pls help me with few directx doubts... Am a beginner

    Don't take my word from it, but i've heard that Directx 10 is kinda, well... not used much. Directx 9 or 11 are the most used ones. Why you choose Directx 10? [/quote] I believe that DX9 is supported still simply because older cards still cling to it but aren't up to DX10, DX10 is for newer cards on XP, DX11 ships with Win7 only. DX10's advantage over DX9 is more shader flexibility. And a little performance. But that's about it. I really cannot claim to know more on the subject difference between the two.
  4. Well, define "Stuff"? For example, are you planning on programming yourself your own 3D pipeline? Or maybe even starting from scratch using the base DX10/11 SDK and going from there? This is a very broad question. There is a great deal of math involved in programming 3D rendering systems from scratch, but if you are simply creating 3D models, the math you need to learn and terms you need to acquire aren't as complex (mind you I think you would really benefit from learning them regardless.) So I guess my question is, are you just asking about 3D art, or do you want to know more about the math behind 3D programming?
  5. Morley

    Storing Map Data

    Thanks for the input guys! I believe I'll have to be baking to .obj(or other natively supported format) for storing the actual models, but I suppose I'll be looking in to JSON and YAML for storing Map Data.
  6. So I'm working on my own engine. I have all the rendering going fairly well so now I'm working on a basic world editor. To create maps using the editor, I would like to save the coordinates of each object in to a file so that I might be able to redundantly use the 3D objects to lower the overall size of the game and to provide a better way for my rendering system to work (through prefabs) Here's the problem: I don't know how to effectively store the data in a readable format at run time and load time. Should I use XML or try and figure how to make my own file type? Opinions and discussion? Well aware that parsers are no fun in writing, but I expect this to be the most effective way. (Unless you has an alternative ) Any links to resources (specifically for this application) would be appreciated! Morley
  7. Morley

    How to start of Gamedesign?

    Hello Pedro,and welcome. A good place to start with game design is to get the general idea of the game you wish to make, otherwise you won't have a point to focus on and, therefore, will struggle to get much done. After the idea is down, pick the right engine for the job. Since you chose Unity(Good Place to start) it might e a good idea to prototype. Learn JavaScript for sure, seeing as that is the primary scripting language of the Unity engine. Don't worry, it's extremely easy to learn. Any other questions? Morley
  8. Morley

    One Game World, Multiple Interfaces...

    MUCH more clear, good sir. I love the idea!
  9. Morley

    Creature Behavior

    The way most multiplayer games work is that the server handles figuring out where everything is, what things can and can't do and sending this information out several times a second. And when you have non player units moving around, that entirely falls upon the server. So the client (the players) are responsible for initiating handshakes, asking the server to move and do things and render the game that the player sees. So, if done right, you could support the scale of this game, but you may find you have to edit how the game is rendered so that only what the camera see's gets rendered (Unreal Engine does this). The main issue is, like I've said, supporting the real time tasks of handling all the individual NPCs at once. Even MMO's don't handle each group individually, but more like trees. For example, you have your colony, with subgroups of patrols and then the subunits of each group. So it may look like: -Colony 1 -Group1 -Unit1 -Unit2 -Unit3 -Group2 -Unit1 -Unit2 Colony 2 -Group1 -Group2 Etc. In my current position, we call this a control hierarchy. Only the low level (Unit) actions are called upon when they are rendered or a player comes close or when they are needed. Otherwise, we lighten the load by calling the highest level of the hierarchy we could get away with. Hope that clarifies!
  10. Morley

    Where to start.

    Well hello there. I've been the programmer for games for quite some time now, but I would really like to get more in tithe visuals of it all. I've messed with Maya, Blender, Zbrush and all that wonderful stuff, but the programs are so complex I shut down at the thought of trying to learn any one system/UI. I'd like to start with Blender since it is free and has a larger community. But I need a starting point! Some small goal or point to work towards and (possibly) some one to be a mentor to me. Can anyone suggest where I might start? I should be getting my new PC soon, so I can't start with modeling just yet, but I might need sketching work... In the meantime, words of encouragement and places to star? Thank you commooooooonity.
  11. Morley

    I need inspiration for a simple game

    Criteria pl0x? As in, 2D or 3D, specific genre? Or go wild?
  12. Morley

    Stock photography is expensive..?

    If they are royalty free, then you need not pay more than the base charge...? Right? Or are there special terms for bigger hits?
  13. Morley

    Creature Behavior

    No, you were right to start here. Once the idea is roughed out, represent to the AI board and reference to this post. I really do like the free roaming system, but do bear in mind the scale of this. What I mean is, you are talking about controlling individual objects, each representing a single mob. And you are multiplying them by 100 or more. As is, many PC's could not handle that much. Most games get their AI working by "putting them to sleep" or Pausig/Breaking a loop if they are not seen or near the player to save cycles. One solution is to control them as a group rather than individually. Also, if you plan to make this multiplayer, then you most likely WILL have to strip it to the bones, because most servers are Authoritative in that they are in charge of making sure actions are legal, then calculating damage and so on... Just some thoughts
  14. Morley

    One Game World, Multiple Interfaces...

    While I think this to be a really cool game, there are a number of issues. Specifically the player interactions between the two. Also, I do not particularly consider genre to be "FPS" or "RPG" as often there is no difference between the two. Role Playing Game simply implies you are taking on a new role. Instead of genre(which implies, to me, scifi and fantasy and so on) think of it as the preferential style. Now I reread what I just wrote and find it entirely bland and without purpose. Onward ho! I like your technical thinking on the server side of all of this, but you may need to think out the client side a bit more. Especially, like I said earlier, with interactions between players. How can the RTS players have relationships with the First Person players and so on. Again, sorry if this is unrelated. Now, as to content sharing, how do you plan to stream that to the other players? Are we talking downloadable maps and such? Or additions to the world? Either way, you will have to be careful with any PC game that can upload content to your entire architecture. Made need isolation during approval process (I.e entirely separate from anything involving the game serving). This is really interesting me. Never quite thought of it that way. Continue?
  15. Morley

    using the kinect sensor + pc for motion capture

    Anyway unless they stop producing single kinect units for xbox ( can't see that being possible), or they add some secuirty to prevent them being used on PC's, its just easier to buy the xbox version for now to learn the ropes, then any commerical usage buy the full price one.[/quote] There is an official PC SDK released by Microsoft for the Kinect, so I don't see why they would purposefully block it.
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