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    My soundtracks

    I followed your advices and made a new soundtrack — https://soundcloud.com/denis-surov/epic-0
  3. DenisSurov

    My soundtracks

    Thanks for your comments. Also I write songs and have few examples of my music for games.     If you need music for your new game, we can work together. 
  4. DenisSurov

    My soundtracks

    Hello! These are my last two works:   https://soundcloud.com/denis-surov/epic-music https://soundcloud.com/denis-surov/epic-music-2   I really want to write music for videogames, but I don't know where to start and where to find game developers who need music for their projects (especially not for free). 
  5. DenisSurov

    Music for your games!

    I am composer for games, films and Tv. Examples of my music - http://soundcloud.co...ets/denis-surov My website - http://mysterious-music.com My e-mail - anorenor@gmail.com
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