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  1. I mean why do game engines have to use scripting languages? Is it just me or is this overall very complicating? I mean on top of writing source code for a program, but making a separate game engine that uses a separate scripting language to handle everything within it whilst having a main-base language, APIs for graphics, sound, input and using other external files on top of all of this? What happened to the old days of programming when everything was more "in one" and less cursed external files for everything? If I were programming a big project I'd make it my goal to have the least external files/resources as possible to keep everything clean and all-in-one. It seems less complicating and more efficient that way than having 50 .dll file extensions for the application, 50 other external files it uses and 100s of other additional resource files and such minus the handling of the scripting language, engine, code, etc. Am I the only one?
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